15 Celebrities Who Appeared On The OC Before They Were Famous

October 11, 2016 - Finding Carter


Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of a FOX Television Network and, as we told we yesterday, we will be looking behind on some of a most iconic shows. Ask any teen in the mid-2000’s what a many renouned uncover on radio was, and they will positively remember The O.C.

The story of a teenage child adopted into a rich California domicile finished large names out of a immature cast. Benjamin Mckenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, and Rachel Bilson were mostly unknowns when a uncover started, but with a show’s success, they fast became domicile names.

However, they were not a usually large stars to come out of a show. Another set of relations unknowns seemed on a array before they found their possess success, and many of them have left on to have bigger careers than a categorical cast!

So who are these large stars? Some we might remember, others not so many (since they had usually a few seconds of shade time).

Celebrities who seemed on The O.C. before we knew who they were:

1. AnnaLynne McCord

Before The O.C., she played a purpose of a rich black bee in another TV array about rich teenagers: 90210. AnnaLynne seemed to have finished a hearing run for a partial when she seemed as a prohibited Harbor high propagandize lady in a partial “The Party Favor.” Her coming was brief, yet memorable, as she seemed to be perplexing to charm Seth. Perhaps she only wanted a joint…

2. Wilson Bethel

Now this is flattering comical given Wilson went on to seem as Rachel Bilson’s heading male in Hart of Dixie, and in The O.C. he was kind of observant Summer.

Wilson finished his cameo in one of a many iconic stage of a series, when Seth climbed on tip of a coffee opposite to broadcast his adore for Summer. Bethel played Brad, a male who was was sitting besides Summer. You know, a one who asked her “Wait you’re dating this emo geek?!” Seth replied with his common irascibility saying, “Yes Brad, she’s dating this emo geek.” If we don’t remember that scene, we are not a genuine fan of The O.C.

3. Travis Van Winkle

Before he was Lt. Danny Green in The Last Ship, Travis played an Abercrombie drug play in The O.C. He was a categorical criminal in a partial “The O.C. Confidential” wherein Ryan and Marissa are seeking to entice him for giving drugs to Jess, a lady who overdosed in a Julie Cooper-Caleb Nichol palace during a celebration thrown for Trey.

And vocalization of Trey…

4. Logan Marshall-Green

The star of strike a TV array Quarry, and scholarship novella film, Prometheus, Logan is of march remembered for personification Atwood’s large brother, Trey. He was not a strange Trey, yet he is a one who carried on a purpose as a repeated guest star from a core of deteriorate 2 to a early partial of deteriorate 3.

5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

No, he did not die in The O.C. yet a resources of his impression are comfortless nonetheless. He seemed as Joe Zukowski in a partial “The Accomplice,” a protester who is in jail for incidentally murdering a man. Sandy Cohen came to see him to know a locale of his former Law professor’s daughter, Rebecca.

6. Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars star finished a unequivocally brief coming responding a doorway of her dorm room when Marissa came knocking. She played Hadley Hawthorne, a roommate of “Mini Cooper,” Marissa’s sister Caitlyn.

And now as for Caitlyn…

7. Shailene Woodley

It is tough to skip YA novella Queen Shailene these days. She finished us cry personification Hazel Grace in The Fault of Our Stars, and afterwards went on to being kick-ass in a Divergent franchise.

But behind in her O.C. days, she was frequency noted as Caitlyn Cooper before Willa Holland took over a purpose in Season 3. Yes, she was that tiny girl, a one who loved a clean-shaven hack and had a vanquish on Luke.

8. Max Greenfield

We all know and adore him as Schmidt in New Girl, yet did we know that he also played a younger Sandy Cohen? Honestly, they substantially expel him given of his eyebrows.

9. Amber Heard

She is set to play Mera, a Queen of Atlantis and a mother of Aquaman in a DC cinematic universe. In The O.C. though, she is a Queen of a mall storage room.

She had a tiny partial in a “Mallpisode,” as a salesgirl who showed a core 4 a place where a mall bonds a clothes. She is also a reason given they were trapped inside and finished adult unresolved out in a selling core after shutting hours.

10. Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley’s one-episode coming in a uncover would emanate one of tinseltown’s many distinguished bromance. Like his impression Donnie to Ryan, he and co-star Ben Mckenzie were means to strike it right off.

But Donnie had to leave Ryan behind given he incidentally shot Luke during Holly’s beach house. He and Ben eventually became best friends and are still tighten adult to this day, so many so that he even babysits Ben’s dog, Oscar.

11. Jackson Rathbone

Twilight and Finding Carter star, Jackson Rathbone played Caitlyn’s (the comparison Willa Holland version) beloved Justin, who Ryan mistook as as a stalker when he came looking for her.

But as it turns out, he was only a good male looking out for her given she was in a whole lot of trouble. He seemed in a integrate of episodes on Season 3.

12. Morena Baccarin

Who knew behind afterwards that tiny famous guest star, Morena Baccarin would finish adult carrying a child with Ryan Atwood/Benjamin Mckenzie? Yes, a dual Gotham stars have a child now and they entirely intend to get married.

Morena had tiny shade time with Ben though. Back afterwards she played Maya Griffin, whose story arc was some-more concerned with Sandy Cohen’s subordinate, Matt Cohen. She was mostly in a adult partial of a teen drama.

13. Olivia Wilde

Now this is a large one, Olivia was one of a new kids brought in for deteriorate 2, and she had a large story arc. We remember her for personification Alex, who antiquated both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper. She was a show’s many distinguished LGBT character, yet unfortunately she was removed. Things did spin out improved for Olivia (in genuine life) as she became a large film star and was (for a time) married to an tangible Prince!

14. Cam Gigandet

Another one of those new kids, this time brought in for Season 3. Cam’s character, Volchok, was a subsequent proviso of Marissa’s rebel behavior, that would eventually lead to her death.

This finished him a mortal rivalry of roughly everybody on a show, and it seems that life copied art, given notwithstanding going on to a good film career. Cam does not unequivocally have good things to say about his co-stars.

15. Chris Pratt

Remember Che? The hippie-activist that Summer met during Brown, a one who helped her get giveaway pancakes? That was Chris Pratt! They unequivocally messed adult his story line when they did not pursue his ardour with Seth — that would have been an comical foil to Summer, and we can demeanour behind during observant Star Lord go gaga over Orange County’s proprietor comic book geek.


There we go, did we skip anyone on a list? Were we means to mark other large stars in The O.C.? Tell us in a comments below!

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