The infancy of shows directed during teenagers are mostly bubbly sitcoms where any part starts with a pardonable problem and ends with a decisive solution. These shows competence be a good daze from a woes of adolescence (or even adult life), though they’re not always a many realistic.

While center and high propagandize are mostly dubbed as “the best years of your life,” many would determine that they can also be a many awkward. Trying to navigate new friendships, first-time relationships, and what kind of a chairman we eventually wish to turn can be exciting, painful, and intensely confusing.

In this instance, one competence consider that a comedy would be usually a thing to hearten adult a capricious teenager. But sometimes, it’s indeed improved to lay and fruit with someone who feels a same way.

Over a years, there have been vast teen dramas that have attempted to constraint a uncertainties of flourishing up. Some have missed a mark, others have gotten close, while a few have strike a spike right on a head. Let’s take a demeanour during a teen dramas that a critics trust have finished a best pursuit of creation teenagers both interesting and relatable.

While some of these shows go particularly for realism, others rest on abnormal elements or mysteries to keep things engaging. They all use impression play to give a uncover a heart– or, in a few instances, its miss thereof.

Here are a 16 Best (And 5 Worst) Teen Dramas, Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes.

21 Worst: 13 Reasons Why (53%)

If not for a second deteriorate of 13 Reasons Why, this Netflix strange could really good have been ranked among a best-reviewed teen dramas on Rotten Tomatoes.

Upon a debut, 13 Reasons Why both repelled and perplexed audiences with a story of Hannah Baker, a defunct 17-year-old who leaves behind a box of cassette tapes for her best friend, Clay Jensen, that account her reasons for holding her possess life.

The initial deteriorate warranted an 81% capitulation rating and was praised for a ability to tackle dim theme matter head-on. However, a second collection of episodes incited many off with another striking abuse scene, that one censor called “ridiculously tributary and irresponsible.”

The outcome was a deteriorate dual capitulation rating of usually 26%.

20 Best: The Get Down (80%)

The Get Down debuted on Netflix in a summer of 2016, and a eleven-episode array followed a organisation of teenagers in a Bronx during a disco and hip-hop array of a 1970s.

The array was co-created by Baz Luhrmann, a idealist executive of Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, and The Great Gatsby.

Luhrmann’s unconditional impression was praised once again in The Get Down, as was a song selection, set design, and enchanting characters.

However, some critics faulted a show’s disproportionate pacing, claiming that The Get Down tries to tackle too many during once and never entirely develops a teenage leads. While after episodes did uncover improvement, a array was never reprised for a second deteriorate by Netflix.

19 Best: Pretty Little Liars (81%)

While critics were never as good to Pretty Little Liars as a show’s righteous following, this teen play still managed to land a important 81% normal rating on Rotten Tomatoes for a seven-season run.

The uncover initial debuted on ABC Family in a summer of 2010, and a teen poser followed an disloyal organisation of friends who reconnect when they start to be blackmailed by an opposite person.

The uncover was a ratings hit, call an extended initial deteriorate and sketch some-more widespread courtesy to a immature adult book array a uncover drew a impulse from.

Pretty Little Liars was praised for a intriguing mystery, that many critics concluded could be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike.

18 Best: The Carrie Diaries (81%)

Drawing impulse from a 2010 immature adult novel of a same name, The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to a HBO strike array Sex and a City.

While doing any form of spin-off to an iconic uncover is a hurl of a dice, many critics concluded that The Carrie Diaries managed to constraint a suggestion of a strange array while transporting a story to a 1980s and centering on a expel of teenagers.

In fact, a CW array managed to seize a aloft rating than Sex and a City, that usually pulled in a 71%.

But since The Carrie Diaries was canceled after usually dual seasons, a teen dramedy never enjoyed anything nearby a mainstream success as a original.

17 Best: Buffy a Vampire Slayer (81%)

For a uncover about a high propagandize that sits on tip of a gateway to ruin itself, Buffy a Vampire Slayer managed to tackle a struggles of teenage life in a many some-more suggestive approach than many straight-forward dramas.

The uncover ran for 7 seasons on The WB and UPN, and it followed a organisation of friends as they try to navigate a woes of teenagers while concurrently perplexing to save a world.

The initial three, high school-set seasons used many opposite monsters as metaphors for a struggles teenagers face.

The abnormal elements competence have been what drew many into a series, though some of a show’s many noted moments are abandoned of any monsters or vampires.

16 Best: The Vampire Diaries (85%)

Speaking of vampires, this abnormal teen play array was another strike among many critics — many of whom concluded that The Vampire Diaries was a lot improved than it should have been.

The array debuted on The CW in 2009 and fast became a network’s biggest hit. It followed a teenage lady who gets wrapped adult in a lives of dual vampire brothers — one who wishes to strengthen her, and a other who wishes to means mischief throughout their lifelike city of Mystic Falls, Virgin.

Unlike a lot of teen dramas that turn increasingly messy and rest heavily on melodrama during a after seasons, The Vampire Diaries was a standout in that a reviews seemed to urge with any of a 8 seasons, all a approach until a array finale.

15 Worst: The Secret Life of a American Teenager (50%)

The Secret Life of a American Teenager debuted on ABC Family in 2008 and ran for 5 seasons. It followed high propagandize tyro Amy Juergens (played by Shailene Woodley of Divergent fame), who discovers that she is profound during a commencement of deteriorate one and contingency understanding with a fallout of violation a news to her friends and family.

While critics were on a blockade about a array — with many claiming a uncover felt some-more like a teen soap than a lifelike scrutiny of teenage pregnancy — The Secret Life of a American Teenager was still a strike among audiences.

It pennyless a record for a array of viewers to balance into a array commander for ABC Family, and a numbers usually continued to stand for a initial 3 seasons.

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14 Best: Riverdale (88%)

With a initial and second deteriorate of a uncover both pulling in a plain 88% capitulation rating, it’s transparent that Riverdale is now one of a best teen dramas accessible on TV.

The CW poser draws a impulse from a long-running Archie Comics series, that follows a eponymous teen as he unravels that darker mysteries stealing within a clearly halcyon city of Riverdale.

Critics have praised a show’s artistic instrumentation and a self-aware tone.

The enchanting mysteries and ability to tackle contemporary issues involving teenagers have also been applauded.

Riverdale isn’t usually a strike among critics either, as a second deteriorate saying a inexhaustible boost in ratings. Anticipation is high for a arriving third deteriorate as well, that debuts this October.

13 Best: Finding Carter (88%)

A thespian grounds if there ever was one, Finding Carter kicks off with series’ protagonist Carter Stevens finding that her mom is not her mom during all, though rather a lady who abducted her when she was 3 years old.

The initial seasons follows Carter’s lapse to her biological family, that many critics concluded was distant some-more thespian and emotionally musical than what one would design from a teen array on MTV.

MTV even confirm to extend a part count for deteriorate dual from 12 to 24. Despite a certain reviews, a uncover underwent a dump in ratings and was never brought behind for a third outing.

Only 10 Rotten Tomatoes critics have reviewed a series, that is serve denote that Finding Carter was nonetheless another high-quality uncover to be buried among today’s attack of new content.

12 Best: The 100 (91%)

Much like a title, The 100 managed to grasp a ideal measure on Rotten Tomatoes for a latest season, with a critics’ accord reading that “Five years in, The 100 manages to tip itself once again with an audacious, addicting season.”

If that’s not adequate to make a sci-fi junkies who missed out on this array a initial time around go behind and binge-watch The 100, afterwards we don’t know what is.

The CW array follows a organisation of youth prisoners who are sent behind to Earth scarcely a century after a chief apocalypse, usually to learn that they weren’t a usually ones to survive.

The 100 is a singular uncover that continues to get improved with age.

With a fifth deteriorate usually jacket adult this summer, a sixth is already in a works.

11 Best: On My Block (94%)

This coming-of-age play follows 5 inner-city L.A. teenagers as they embark on their initial year of high propagandize and face a array of trials that exam their friendship.

The uncover forsaken on Netflix usually progressing this year, branch out a 10-episode deteriorate that was awfully well-received. Most notably, On My Block was praised for focusing on a forms of communities and teenagers that frequency get famous on mainstream TV.

The array has a satisfactory share of lighter moments that gain on a awkwardness of being a teen. On My Block also isn’t fearful to tackle vicious topics, including immigration issues, racism, and squad activity — that many immature people of tone have to understanding with on a daily basis.

10 Worst: Jane by Design (44%)

Jane by Design follows a teen who is hired to work alongside an iconic conform engineer when she is mistaken for an adult.

The fish-out-of-water grounds had many critics job this ABC Family array a fraud The Devil Wears Prada.

As The AV Club wrote, “Jane by Design is sewn from bargain-basement material, constantly borrowing though charity a slightest bit of originality.” Even those who wrote a some-more certain examination concurred that a grounds of this teen dramedy would be formidable to means into a second season.

This, along with low viewership, was expected because ABC canceled a array usually a few weeks after a deteriorate one finale.

9 Best: Veronica Mars (96%)

Few teen dramas have bolstered as ardent of a following as Veronica Mars, whose fans have helped a impression live on prolonged after a critically-acclaimed uncover was canceled.

The poser array ran for 3 seasons on UPN and The CW, and it followed a eponymous impression who attends high propagandize (and eventually college) while also operative as a private eye.

Though Veronica Mars was a vicious hit, unsatisfactory ratings lead to a array termination in 2007. Six years later, lead singer Kristen Bell and array creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter debate for a follow-up film, that cracked mixed fundraising records.

The film was expelled a following year (which also reason a “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes), and usually progressing this month a Hulu reconstruction array is reportedly in development.

8 Best: Friday Night Lights (96%)

With 3 of a 5 seasons earning 100% capitulation rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Friday Night Lights is one of a best-reviewed teen dramas of all time.

The uncover draws impulse from a 1990 non-fiction book of a same name, that centers around a high-school football organisation in parochial Texas. But Friday Night Lights is distant from usually a sports show.

The array was praised for a depiction of parochial life and rebel a array of amicable and mercantile issues.

A corner prolongation between NBC and DirecTV saved a array from termination after a second year, though this incited out to be a blessing in disguise, as a shorter deteriorate indeed helped say a show’s play during a after years.

7 Best: The End of a F***ing World (98%)

One of a some-more different teen dramas to make a cut, The End of a F***ing World is a dark-comedy/ play array about dual teenage outcasts who rise a rarely unusual attribute with one another.

James is a 17-year-old self-described psychopath who decides that his rebel classmate, a potty-mouthed Alyssa, will be his initial victim. When Alyssa asks James to run divided with her, James seizes a event and a dual embark on a rambling highway outing opposite England.

With usually one disastrous review, critics determine that The End of a F***ing World is darkly waggish and expertly crafted, creation it an ideal choice to those sleepy of your typical, young teenage adore stories.

6 Worst: 90210 (40%)

The fourth installment of this teen play series, 90210 ran for 5 seasons on The CW, where it followed a organisation of abounding students who attend high propagandize in Beverly Hills.

A array of expel members from a original Beverly Hills, 90210 done guest appearances on a show, though by and large, a new array focused on a Wilson family, who moves from Kansas behind to California during a commencement of deteriorate one.

Teenage daughter Annie Wilson is a focal indicate of a series, as she aspires to turn an singer though removing dragged down into empty lifestyles of those around her.

While some critics acknowledge a uncover as a estimable guilty pleasure, many suspicion it was a step down in peculiarity from a ‘90s array — that was never a favorite among TV critics in a initial place.

5 Best: Bunheads (100%)

Bunheads is a comedy-drama series that aired on ABC Family for one deteriorate between 2012 and 2013. It centers around a down-on-her-luck dancer who decides to learn ballet alongside her mother-in-law in a small, southern California town.

Amy Sherman-Palladino — a lady behind Gilmore Girls and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — co-created a uncover while also essay a array of episodes. Just like those dual series, Bunheads has no necessity of whip-smart discourse and desirable characters. Lead actors Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop perceived sold regard for their performances as a former Las Vegas showgirl and her rude mother-in-law.

However, Bunheads never managed to find a audience, and notwithstanding overwhelmingly certain reviews, it was never picked adult for a second season.

4 Best: Sweet/Vicious (100%)

Like any other perfectly-reviewed teen play on Rotten Tomatoes, Sweet/Vicious is another one-hit consternation that perceived stellar reviews though never drew in a crafty adequate assembly to consequence a second season.

The MTV array debuted behind in 2016, and it revolved around dual womanlike college students who work in tip to take down passionate assailants who have transient justice.

Sweet/Vicious walks a razor-thin tightrope by rebel a emanate of campus attack while consistent together a genres of comedy, drama, and action.

The insolence alone was adequate to aver a courtesy of many critics.

It was eventually a crafty writing, spot-on style, and chemistry between a dual womanlike leads that warranted Sweet/Vicious a 100% capitulation rating.

3 Best: My So-Called Life (100%)

With 12 critics giving this ‘90s array an normal rating of 8.34 out of 10, My So-Called Life is a second-best reviewed teen play on Rotten Tomatoes.

The array aired for one deteriorate on ABC from 1994 to 1995, and it revolved around 15-year-old Angela Chase (played by Claire Danes) and her organisation of friends who come to find out that being a teen isn’t scarcely as fun as other ‘90s shows done it out to be.

Angela narrates a infancy of a episodes, where she acts as rather of a teenage philosopher by perplexing to navigate a issues of piece use, orientation, and abuse — all while perplexing to pin down her possess identity.

2 Worst: The Beautiful Life (21%)

You know a uncover contingency be bad when a network decides to cancel it after usually dual episodes had aired. Such was a box with The Beautiful Life, a CW array that followed a organisation of models vital together in a Big Apple.

Though usually 6 episodes were produced, usually a initial dual ever done it to air, with 3 some-more eventually removing an online release.

With hardly anyone tuning in in a initial place, one has to consternation if viewers were indeed seeking for these additional episodes to be done available.

Most critics ripped a uncover apart, job it a “shamelessly contemptible melodrama” with “dialogue so bad, it’ll make we giggle out loud.”

1 Best: Freaks and Geeks (100%)

Freaks and Geeks might have a ideal rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though a uncover was indeed canceled during a initial deteriorate due to low viewership. In fact, a array of a episodes were never even aired by NBC during a initial run.

Thanks to DVD sales and Internet streaming, this teen dramedy has amassed a crafty cult following over a years.

The uncover follows a organisation of comparison burnouts and beginner geeks as they awkwardly try to navigate high propagandize in a Michigan suburb.

The uncover was combined by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow, dual of a defining voices in comedy today. The expel consisted of a array of actors who would also go on to many bigger things, including Linda Cardellini, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogen.

Do we consider thing these teen dramas merit their Rotten Tomatoes scores? Let us know!