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September 15, 2015 - Finding Carter

That appetiser certain was good but, tbh, we’re prepared for a categorical course.

The recently expelled trailer for MTV’s “Finding Carter” threw us some tasty crumbs by responding a integrate of blazing questions we had after a show’s mid-season culmination in June: Would kidnapper/wackjob Lori get out of jail? And would she indeed obtain custody of Carter?

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The answers: Yes and no. Judging by a drama-filled preview, Ms. Stevens is indeed a giveaway lady again (so most for something called “justice”), though Carter is still vital with a Wilsons (*insert whine of service here*).

That doesn’t meant we’re satiated: The uncover is returning on Oct 6, and we’ve got a garland some-more questions we’re anticipating will be answered ASAP. Dig in and see a tip five:

  1. When we final saw a bad-boy-turned-army-recruit, he’d been kidnapped by his immorality Uncle Shay. After a bloody shootout (RIP, Kyle), a radical relations was taken into control — though will he stay there? Is Crash truly safe, or will Shay somehow lapse and find punish on his nephew? Okay, okay, maybe we’re only being worrywarts — though nutcase Lori is behind on a streets, and we never suspicion THAT would happen, right?

  2. Just call it a warn intrigue of a year: Bird fell for Carter’s aged companion Madison, and a dual began cohabitating during a celebration girl’s pad. But when Bird’s relatives unexpected reappeared and began kicking her new partner to a curb, Mad motionless it was time to conduct home. So is “FC”’s newest integrate truly dunzo, or will Madison have a change of heart and fly behind to Bird’s nest? Sorry, we couldn’t resist…

What do we consider will occur on “Finding Carter”? And what questions do you want answered? Tell us in a comments, and be certain to balance in on Tuesday, Oct 6 during 10/9c!

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