5-Star Review: The Grindhouse claims another victim

December 17, 2014 - Finding Carter

GAME OF THE NIGHT — GRIZZLIES 105 WARRIORS 98 : The strain is over. Memphis takes a huge, fun diversion during a Grindhouse to finish a Warriors’ 16-game winning streak, extend their possess winning strain to five, and lift within a diversion of a best record in a NBA.

And this one was a ruin of a game.

The Warriors’ opening storm was big. Their starters outplayed Memphis’ starters resoundingly in this game. Stephen Curry was plus-16, notwithstanding sharpened 9-of-25. The Grizzlies did a illusory pursuit defensively on Curry, anticipating him in transition to forestall those calamity pull-up threes, and forcing him inside. He did coast by for this wily layup.

Conley has to magnify to forestall that three, and when he does, Curry gets by. But a magnify was smart, in that it forced other Warriors to make plays. But Harrison Barnes was huge. He scored 9 points in a initial quarter, and his impact was all over. Combine that with Mike Conley removing off to a severe start (2-of-5) and Marc Gasol removing good looks though struggling with glorious assistance invulnerability down low (5-of-11 in a initial quarter).

And then… this happened.

The dais went crazy in a second entertain for Memphis, and would outscore Golden State’s pot by a count of 24-6 in a 2nd. It held Golden State off-guard, and gave Memphis a lead it would not relinquish.

In a third, a Warriors started to tie adult vs. a dais and a Grizzlies’ offense began to stagnate when a Warriors’ spotless adult their assistance and started severe flitting lanes, generally with Zach Randolph on a bench. Memphis stepped adult in a outrageous approach during a finish of a game. After a Warriors had beaten their approach behind into it, Memphis went to attempted and loyal weapons, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, and Marc Gasol, with Conley attack a outrageous floater late to pull a lead to five.

I talked about Curry earlier, and how Memphis jumped to a fringe and how Curry got to a edge a few times. This is a good instance of what Memphis was perplexing to get him to do.

Curry was 2-of-2 in a initial entertain during a rim, and 3-of-7 a rest of a approach on layups.

In a end, Golden State missed some looks they will expected strike in their house, they were though Andrew Bogut and David Lee, and still really most had a possibility to win. You have to be tender with Golden State, even in this loss. And notwithstanding all those caveats, Memphis valid that their dais is legit, that they can move adequate offense to kick a group like a Warriors, and that they still have work to do.

Awesome, overwhelming game.

THE ANTI-DEFENSE : The Grizzlies played Tayshaun Prince late in this one, and not usually that, though they played him alongside Tony Allen. The offense of march afterwards went into a hole and died. The Warriors dared Prince to kick them with his jumper, though each once in a while Prince can still make one. and this one was a large one. Watch Draymond Green and Klay Thompson literally behind divided from an open dilemma 3 shooter.

SERGEY KARAWHATEVER : The Nets lost, during home, to a Heat who were though Josh McRoberts and Chris Bosh. They were though Brook Lopez, though still, it’s nonetheless another in a prolonged line of embarrassing, joyless losses. But hey, Sergey Karasev strike this crazy shot!

RUDY GO BOOM : Rudy Gay got Serge Ibaka… good. This is a asperse of a year candidate.

LINE OF THE NIGHT — JOHN WALL : 21 points, 4 rebounds, 17 (SEVENTEEN) assists. Wall is simply unimaginable right now. He picked detached a Wolves for assists on 6 of a Wizards’ initial 8 buckets.

He scored a other two.

The throng chanted “MVP” during a Verizon Center tonight, and it didn’t seem all that crazy. Wizards are now only a half-game behind of a tip mark in a East.

SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU : Vince Carter attempted to fundamentally retard Stephen Curry like a using back. Curry attempted to flop. And Carter retaliated with a proportional response. You dual guys should have to go lay in a corner.

SCIENCE CAN’T HELP YOU NOW: The Kings didn’t try their 4-on-5 plan, though they were going to need a seven-on-five devise to stop Russell Westbrook. Westbrook was a monster, with 32 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals. The Kings indeed managed, somehow, though Boogie Cousins, to take a lead in a fourth entertain after blitzing a Thunder benched.

And afterwards Westbrook finished everything, including a rim.

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