7 Ridiculous Real-Life Things Renters Have Done To Score The Perfect Apartment

June 24, 2016 - Finding Carter

1. Sweetening a deal
“I was relocating out of a conditions with roommates to find my initial place all on my own. Not most in my cost operation was entrance up, so when we found a funky-yet-affordable one-bedroom in a decent partial of town, we was excited. But a landlord was not vehement about my stream miss of full-time practice (I was a freelancer), and his aged mother, who was a tangible owner, was totally unconvinced. So we proceeded to write a letter, explaining how I’d been acid for months with no luck, and that this unit was a ideal resolution to all my problems. To sign a deal, we bought a tin of butter cookies for a aged mom — we took a theory that it would interest to her. we forsaken off a cookies and a letter, and by a finish of a week, we was signing a lease.” — Lawrence Carter, Washington, DC

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