9 ‘Finding Carter’ Questions We Need Answered

March 21, 2015 - Finding Carter

When a initial deteriorate of “Finding Carter” came to a stirring close, a MTV array left a lot of uncertainties surrounding a Wilson family and those closest to them. Among a dilemmas: Lori snatching Carter for a second time, Max and Taylor looking intensely unhappy as they called it quits and Lori divulgence a bombshell square of justification restraining her to David.

Hopefully, a jawdropping twists will be simplified when a array creates a rarely expected lapse on Mar 31 — since we’ve been vital with some critical torment for prolonged enough. But until then, here are 9 questions we desperately need answered:

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+ What tract points are we many looking brazen to this season? Share your thoughts below, and watch a Season 1 refresher next before a show’s premiere on Tuesday, Mar 31 during 10/9c!

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