A ‘Teen Wolf’ Assassin Has His Sights Set On ‘Carter’

May 12, 2015 - Finding Carter

While personification a “Teen Wolf” murderer named Garrett, actor Mason Dye’s extracurricular activities enclosed plotting a passing of Scott McCall and Beacon Hills’ many honest abnormal creatures, though his subsequent MTV try will find him adhering a small bit closer to a true and narrow.

On tomorrow night’s “Finding Carter” episode, you’ll accommodate Dye’s new character, Damon, a born-and-bred educational who, like Taylor, has his sights set on a Ivy Leagues. He seems laser-focused on earning a chair somewhere inside Yale’s sacred halls, though if there’s one thing that could hit him off course, it’s his ardour with firecracker Bird, who turns him into a shaken mutilate each time she stairs feet into his periphery.

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In a hide look of a subsequent episode, above, Bird finds Taylor and Damon sitting among a gym’s bleachers, and when she asks Damon a elementary question, he gets perplexed and struggles to fibre together a simplest words.

“Did we see that? She looked right by me!” Damon laments to Taylor when his vanquish finally leaves a room. Let’s wish his college dreams infer to be a small bit some-more cultivatable than his adore life…

Excited to locate Dye’s new “Carter” role? Hear how pumped he is to take on Damon here, and be certain to balance in to a new part tomorrow night during 10/9c!

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