‘Agent Carter’ EP Teases What Season 3 Would’ve Been

July 18, 2018 - Finding Carter

Agent Carter competence have been cancelled in 2016 after dual seasons, though a Marvel radio series’ clinging fan bottom still wonders what deteriorate 3 competence have looked like. Now, a series’ executive writer reveals a bit of what was planned.

In a new talk with Den of Geek, Jose Molina explained that a third deteriorate would have severely upped a stakes — and potentially even have taken Peggy’s adventures overseas.

“If memory serves, a initial bearing was going to come from a review into a assassination try on Jack Thompson,” Molina said. “We were anticipating (assuming we could means it) that a story would afterwards lead us to London, where we would learn that Peggy’s late hermit Michael was not usually alive and kicking, though concerned in some really nefarious, super-villainous shenanigans.”

As fans will recall, Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) has been promoted to executive of a SHIELD predecessor group a Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR for short) and in what finished adult being a array culmination cliffhanger was shot by a poser assailant who afterwards steals a record on Peggy (Hayley Atwell). With Molina’s remarks that a array would have explored Peggy’s not-so-dead mean brother, one can’t assistance though consternation if Michael Carter was behind a try on Thompson’s life.

While fans are still anticipating that they will get to find out for certain what comes subsequent for Agent Carter — fans continue to wish a array could get new life on another network or on streaming — Molina wasn’t certain that would be a case. He explained that the array only competence not be a good fit with a home of many of Marvel’s other radio shows: Netflix.


“I consider a artistic group would all line adult to lapse — a cast, a writers, etc. — it would only be a matter of anticipating an opening meddlesome in airing a show,” Molina said. “Given a series’ ratings when it aired on ABC, anticipating that opening seems like a bit of a prolonged shot. It would be poetic to consider that Netflix (home to so many overwhelming Marvel shows) would collect it up, though their shows all share a common star and timeline that Carter doesn’t share. Creatively these shows tend to be really dark, and Agent Carter only doesn’t have dim and brooding in a DNA.”

Do we consider Molina’s ideas for a third deteriorate of Agent Carter would be a good fit for Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in a comments below!

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