‘Agents of SHIELD’ Bosses Talk Finale Deaths, Time Jump and Agent Carter’s Future in a MCU

May 18, 2016 - Finding Carter

[Warning: The following story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Agents of SHIELD season 3 finale, “Absolution/Ascension.”]

Agents of SHIELD promised that one representative would die in a deteriorate 3 finale. But in a end, one representative and one former representative both met their burning finish in space.

The representative before famous as Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), who was killed by Coulson (Clark Gregg) median by this deteriorate usually to be resurrected as a ancient Inhuman famous as Hive (also Dalton), was trapped in the Quinjet explosion in space that Daisy (Chloe Bennet) saw in her prophesy in a midseason premiere. He had been perplexing to use a chief warhead to sunder a Inhuman pathogen opposite a globe, and Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) finished a ultimate scapegoat to make certain that would never happen. Despite Daisy perplexing to take on a prophesy for herself after all a harm and drop she caused her group while underneath Hive’s sway, Lincoln finished adult hidden Yo-Yo’s (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) crucifix necklace from Daisy after removing shot. Knowing that he wouldn’t tarry his wounds, he stowed divided in a Quinjet and boiled all a machine regulating his powers, ensuring that Hive and a pathogen would be broken in space. It was a drastic death, and one that totally pennyless Daisy. 

The perfection afterwards jumped brazen 6 months, where Coulson, no longer a Director of SHIELD, and Daisy’s former partner Mack (Henry Simmons) were staking out where Daisy competence uncover up. She had left rogue, and was regulating her powers to destroy vital buildings and keep off a grid. Newspaper clippings suggested a star knew about “Quake” and her powers, though no one knew if she was a crony or foe. Elsewhere, Dr. Radcliffe (John Hannah) began experiments to move mechanism A.I. “AIDA” to life in a humanoid body.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with SHIELD showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen to find out what this flash-forward means for a array going into subsequent season, a reason both of those perfection deaths and where Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) fits into a Marvel Cinematic Universe in a arise of her Captain America: Civil War death.  

We’ve seen Brett Dalton lie genocide on this uncover before, so is there a probability we could still see him subsequent deteriorate notwithstanding Hive floating adult in space?

Jed Whedon: Well, we know …

Maurissa Tancharoen: In a Marvel universe, it’s always a probability that once someone’s dead, they competence return. The unequivocally core of a uncover is founded on that notion. But a impression of Grant Ward has been with us given deteriorate one and we have developed his impression a series of times and we dejected his chest in and we brought him behind that is usually a covenant to how we feel about a impression as good as a actor. We did feel that maybe in creation him a full incarnation of immorality or implying that is a many ultimate knave he could presumably be and to ensue over that, we feel that a story ran a course.

Whedon: Yeah, and we wanted to give him a sincerely glorious, fireworks uncover of an ending. That’s where a perfection for that came up. That being said, of march it’s a Marvel universe. Everything is liquid and we are such fans of a impression and some-more importantly of Brett, so I’m certain there will be something [with him returning] in a future.

Did we know that Brett’s time on a uncover was going to be calculable once we motionless to make him Hive?

Whedon: Yeah, we knew what a spin would mean. Truthfully, we killed Grant Ward median by a season. That was a finish of that character, though he lingered within Hive. It was a approach to finish Grant Ward’s story though keep Brett around. (Laughs.) So yes, we did know when we were doing that turn, that that would be a finish of him. We’ve had to have sit-downs with Brett by a years. He’s had a lot of turns with this character. Season one, we sat down with him and said, “So there’s this thing that’s going to happen. … Do we know what Hydra is?” And afterwards again this year, saying, “Hey, a finish of [episode] 310, a good news is that you’re in a subsequent episode, though a bad news is that we die in this one.” (Laughs.) He’s weathered all those storms so well. We were means to contend him as an criminal for 3 seasons that is a lot for one character.

Were there any conversations to continue Hive’s story subsequent deteriorate or did we know it would be a close-ended section for this season?

Whedon: We knew it would be a close-ended chapter. We have large skeleton for what happens subsequent year and so we wanted to tell this Inhuman story and tied to a thought of Inhumans and their purpose and with Simmons on a other planet, we generated that story. It was a bookend to a season.

It was so absolute to see Hive pity his final moments with Lincoln, given it was roughly like Daisy’s dual loves were failing together. Was that intentional?

Tancharoen: Yes, that adore triangle does exist and we did wish to prominence that during a finish of a show. Despite Brett Dalton personification radically another character, he still has a face of Grant Ward and memories of Daisy/Skye’s former adore interest. And he’s station subsequent to her stream love.

Whedon: And Hive’s proclivity was usually wanting a connection, that is his tie to Ward who wanted that with Skye. And now he’s sitting subsequent to a one chairman who had it with her. There’s a communication to a stage that we liked.

When we initial introduced a flash-forward of a SHIELD representative failing in space, did we know it was going to be Lincoln? Or did that come about organically as we were formulation a finale?

Whedon: We did know when we did a flash-forward. We knew during some indicate final year that that was going to be a plan. In perplexing to figure out both Ward/Hive’s arc and Lincoln’s arc and Daisy’s arc, we came to that as a thought as many ideas come organically as we plead all a probable outcomes. We did know that when we introduced a peep forward. However, we did not know how we were going to get them in that Quinjet or all a machinations that would finish adult in it, so we embellished ourselves into a corner.

Tancharoen: We like portrayal ourselves into corners. (Laughs.) The thought of it being Lincoln was directly tied to a thought of purpose in a uncover that has come adult several times, generally in a behind half of this season. A lot of that is uttered by Lincoln. He’s a one who points out that Inhumans are privately designed with a purpose to offer within a whole.

Whedon: This was him anticipating his purpose. Finally, a chairman who had been mislaid for many of a time that we’d seen him, this was him finally anticipating his purpose. And not usually that, one of a reasons we landed on him was a thought that we could do a full, drastic death. We had finished that with Agent Triplett though all in that unfolding was an accident. It was some-more comfortless and not intentional. Whereas this was someone intentionally doing something drastic who doesn’t consider he’s a hero, though he’s doing it given he feels that everybody around him is some-more profitable to this means than him. We adore that thought that he’s doing it given he doesn’t consider he’s a hero, though in desiring that, he becomes one.

Lincoln and Daisy’s goodbyes over a radio totally reminded me of Captain America (Chris Evans) and Peggy Carter’s goodbyes in a initial Captain America film. Was that conscious as well, or a happy collision in a approach that stage mirrored a other?

Whedon: It’s a small of both. We were wakeful of it. We’d referenced it a garland when articulate about essay that scene. Also, we talked about The Abyss as well. There’s something distressing about your final impulse being with someone and you’re not means to see them. Plus, we had this Quinjet problem, so it shook a approach out that approach anyway. We had a lot of discussions over either their final speak should be face-to-face by a mirror of glass, though there’s something about a movement of a drastic act carrying him brazen while she’s sitting there still and infirm that has a beauty to it.

Now let’s speak about a flash-forward 6 months later. Clearly Daisy hasn’t incited into a knave given she’s assisting Charles Hinton’s mother and daughter, though formed on a journal clippings Coulson collected, she’s been causing a lot of drop and repairs with her powers. What has she been adult to?

Whedon: Some of that will be revealed, though it’s protected to presupposition from what we see during a finish that she has returned to her roots of being a loner. After all that she’s been by and all a disharmony around and all a drop during her hand, she feels that removing tighten to people was a mistake and she’s improved off on her own. We can see through, yes, traffic with Hinton’s mother and a lady that she’s gripping a promise, though she’s also honoring what Lincoln said, that is he believed she was meant for some-more than this. While she would feel that maybe there’s now zero to lose, she also wants to live adult to his faith in her and either or not she’s doing that by good means or either or not she’s a rogue, we’ll see. But all that is a arise of what was left behind after all that happened.

Now that Daisy is no longer a partial of SHIELD, and is indeed on a run from her aged team, what does that meant for a Secret Warriors? Has that been disbanded?

Whedon: We have them in a brew still. We’ve introduced some good characters who we’ve been bringing back, tentative their availability. (Laughs.) But yeah, we consider they’ll still be in a mix. As distant as an commencement that she would be spearheading, that is tabled for a time being, given she’s nowhere to be found.

We also find out Coulson isn’t a Director of SHIELD anymore. Are there any hints we can contend about who has that position now?

Whedon: There are no hints.

Tancharoen: We can't give we any hints. (Laughs.)

Whedon: There’s usually one chairman we know it isn’t.

Well, two, if we count Daisy as good as Coulson. And Mack too, given he’s with Coulson in a field, articulate about a new Director. Would there have been any other events that transpired in those 6 months to make Coulson empty that position or is that usually a perfection of all that happened to his group in a finale?

Tancharoen: We’ll answer all of that in a commencement of subsequent season. But there’s a lot we can reap from that flash-forward, even in his appearance. He’s worse for wear, he’s not wearing suits, he and Mack are holed adult in that hotel room, he’s apparently been on stakeout for a while. And apparently Daisy has altered her coming and is a loner left rogue.

How most has a star altered in those 6 months when it comes to Inhumans being in a open eye? Based on those journal headlines, a star now knows about Daisy’s powers.

Tancharoen: We know for now that a star is wakeful of Daisy and job her Quake. They’re wakeful of her presence. But that’s all we can unequivocally contend for now.

We saw AIDA radically being “born” into a humanoid figure in a final moments. Should we be disturbed that this is going to spin out to be an Ultron situation, or some-more of a Jarvis situation, or something else entirely?

Whedon: Radcliffe has a good heart, though he’s peaceful to do anything for science. He’s vehement about a prospect. He pronounced Fitz and Simmons had friends die and maybe they didn’t have to. He’s clearly opening a box. Whether or not it’s Pandora’s box, we’ll see.

Tancharoen: To someone like Radcliffe, he competence trust that to be usually a subsequent step in tellurian evolution. There are a series of people who are into physique alteration now, so what does that mean? What’s a base of that? Now we are going to dive deeper into this man, Radcliffe, who is into that endeavor.

Whedon: He thinks there’s something over humans. What that will spin into, we’ll have to wait and see.

Fitz, Simmons and May (Ming-Na Wen) weren’t seen in a flash-forward. What can we contend about what they’ve been adult to in a past 6 months?

Whedon: They’re all dead, sadly.

Tancharoen: (Laughs.) You usually didn’t see though they were in that Quinjet in a finale.

Whedon: Yeah, they were stealing underneath a floorboards. (Laughs.) No, that’s another wait and see. We like to time-jump given we can make a assembly play locate up. They’ll be doing some of that when they come behind to how things are opposite in deteriorate four.

Looking during Agent Carter‘s cancellation, and Peggy’s genocide in both Captain America: Civil War and her necrology in SHIELD, is there any probability we could still see her cocktail into SHIELD in flashbacks going forward? Or have we sealed a section on Agent Carter in a MCU?

Whedon: She is a owner of SHIELD and once an agent, always an agent. There is, of course, that possibility. The good thing about a Marvel comics and a Marvel star in ubiquitous is that zero is unequivocally off a table. Coulson is vital explanation of it. So yes, of march there is that possibility.

If this season’s overarching thesis was rising a Secret Warriors commencement and exploring some-more of a Inhuman mythology, what will subsequent deteriorate concentration on?

Tancharoen: The tab [with Radcliffe] highlights what we’ll be exploring.

Whedon: Yeah, we’ve talked about what are a differences between people with powers and people but powers and we consider a uncover started as not all heroes are super given we were about a small man who doesn’t have powers. Now, some of a people do have powers and some of them don’t. Next year, with a advances in technology, we competence be seeking a doubt of, “If we can have this, do we wish it?” And a small bit of be clever what we wish for. That’s about as specific as we can get.

Agents of SHIELD deteriorate 4 will lapse this tumble on ABC.

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