Andi Mack Creator Shares a Secret of Disney Channel’s Most Adult Show Yet (Plus, Watch a Series Premiere)

March 10, 2017 - Finding Carter

Something tells us a Parents Television Council will have a lot to contend about Disney Channel’s newest series.

Andi Mack follows a 13-year-old lady named Andi (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who receives life-changing news from her cooler, older, motorcycle-riding sister Bex (Lilan Bowden), who earnings home in a premiere after roving a world.

Ready for a secret? It turns out that Bex isn’t unequivocally Andi’s comparison sister, she’s her mother. And Andi’s mom (Friends‘ possess Lauren “Not Rachel” Tom)? Yup, she’s indeed her grandmother.

“[The network] asked me for something different,” creator Terri Minsky — also obliged for formulating Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire and executive-producing Season 1 of MTV’s Finding Carter — tells TVLine. “They wanted to attract an comparison audience. The whole thing was really flattering, since they seemed to consider we could do it formed on my Lizzie McGuire pilot. They only said, ‘Give us something new,’ so we pitched them this suspicion and they went for it immediately.”

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Of a initial representation meeting, Minsky recalls, “We shared all a stories we had for a initial season, and they sat there like we were reading them a Harry Potter book or something. They were so entertained! we desired that. It was an startling and really special, validating knowledge for me.”

In further to being a some-more adult uncover than a network is used to airing, Andi Mack is also distant some-more serialized than any of a stream offerings. Explains Minsky, “There’s a ‘next on…’ during a finish of any part and a ‘previously on…’ during a commencement of a next. There’s a story that’s told from a commander to a 13th episode,” including a light exhibit of Andi’s father.

But before shaken relatives start meditative that Disney Channel is charity their kids a doctrine in sex ed…

“We’re not going to contend where babies come from,” Minsky says. “Even a whole ‘when a male and a lady adore any other really much’ — no, we don’t have that conversation. These 13 episodes are essentially about a inlet of a relationships, a change that happens, a detriment of trust and a rebuilding of a family dynamic. … I can’t contend for a fact that we’ll never speak about sex, since we speak about a lot of things on this uncover we wasn’t awaiting to. We don’t privately contend a difference ‘pregnant teenager,’ though we have conversations about advance of remoteness and how she left home. There’s some tough family things in there, and that’s what I’m unapproachable of.”

Strangely, a many startling aspect of Andi Mack isn’t a adult theme, though rather a impulse behind it.

“I’m kind of self unwavering about saying this, though it’s formed on me reading a form on Jack Nicholson,” Minsky admits. “This was his life story. He was lifted meditative his mom was his sister, and he didn’t find out until later. I’m not going to paint that we know his story, though it was an suspicion that we listened and suspicion it was an engaging energetic we competence be means to explore.”

Andi Mack strictly premieres Apr 7 on Disney Channel, though we can locate a premiere On Demand, on a Disney Channel app and on YouTube (below). Watch a initial episode, afterwards drop a criticism with your thoughts.

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