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John Starr recently was hired as manager during Howard and spent what tiny time he had removing to know a players, yet that is usually one of a informative equipment gleaned from area high propagandize football open reports.

Tim James, returning to East Ridge as conduct coach, got usually a glance of star using behind Traneil Moore, a 2015 state Class AA Mr. Football back, given Moore underwent knee medicine to purify adult a slight meniscus tear. He should be behind a integrate of weeks before a Pioneers’ deteriorate opener.

Baylor and Rhea County are approaching to exaggerate large descent lines. Phil Massey will have a initial 300-pounders — 3 of them — in his 10-year coaching reign with Baylor, and Rhea’s Mark Pemberton, who got his organisation to a 5A semifinals final season, will have a span of 300-pound descent tackles to go with a span of good-sized guards. Several Eagles along a descent line started during slightest partial of 2015.

Boyd-Buchanan, meanwhile, is replacing many of a starters and Carter Cardwell has stepped adult to attain Grant Reynolds as a Buccaneers’ conduct coach.

Tracy Malone is a new manager during Whitwell, relocating from East Ridge to reinstate R.C. Helton, and Cortney Braswell has insincere head-coaching duties during Central after a year as defensive coordinator during Bradley Central. Mark Mariakis, who grown a juggernaut during northwest Georgia’s Ridgeland several years ago, has returned to a conduct coaching ranks during Chattanooga Christian. Joey Mathis was towering from descent coordinator to conduct manager during Marion County, a 2014 and 2015 state finalist, after Ricky Ross went to McCallie to be a Blue Tornado’s defensive coordinator.

At slightest 3 teams have altered descent schemes to a aged wing-T. McMinn County is returning to a time-honored offense that for years was a tack in Athens, and Lookout Valley — many approaching yet any seniors — and Chattanooga Christian are doing likewise.

Here’s a closer demeanour during a goings-on in Chattanooga-area Tennessee prep football:


The Red Raiders are approaching to margin a biggest organisation Massey has had in his decade on a river. They embody returning tackle Isaiah Strawter (6-foot-1, 330 pounds) as a comparison with sophomore P.J. Goodwin (6-5, 330) and beginner Daniel Oliver (6-2, 317), who’ll go possibly during ensure or tackle. More than half of a returning starters were concerned in other open sports, including linebacker/running behind Calvin Watson, who played baseball.

The Red Raiders will skip fullback/linebacker Ryan Parker, yet a staff also is debating a deputy for graduated quarterback Wil Austin. It approaching will be possibly Bryce Verble, a comparison who played some a year ago behind Austin, or sophomore Lorenzo White.

Bledsoe County

“I was a tiny surprised. We stayed injury-free,” Warriors manager Josh Owensby said.

Because of injuries, he was means to dress usually 31 for a team’s final 2015 playoff game. Among those returning from a damage list are linemen Mason Wooden and Dylan Gifford. Key players should be quarterback Chase Sorrow, who has forsaken about 25 pounds and is approaching to play a some-more poignant purpose in a using game, and defensive end/tight finish Cole Angel (6-7, 200), who was among a area’s heading tacklers final fall.


The work starts adult front for a Buccaneers and their new conduct coach, who contingency reinstate 3 three-year starters and a sum of some-more than 200 starts on both sides of a ball.

“We’ll do what we’ve finished before, put a new kids in to let them learn and get better,” Cardwell said. “Our biggest regard right now is anticipating people during a right spots adult front, given we mislaid a ton of knowledge there.”

Bryce Davidson, who coached a Bucs delegate a past twin seasons, is a new defensive coordinator; Jeff Stone takes over a play-calling for Cardwell. Rising sophomore Korey Chitwood (5-11, 220) and Tyler Walker approaching will give a Bucs both a energy behind and a sleek curtain in what will be a totally new starting backfield.

Bradley Central

There will be 8 defensive and 7 descent starters returning from final season, including quarterback Cole Copeland (6-3, 195), a Mr. Football semifinalist. Copeland 15 pounds heavier with combined flesh given final deteriorate and has grant offers from, or is being heavily recruited by, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, Missouri, a University of Tennessee during Chattanooga, Appalachian State and Marshall. Tennessee coaches also called Bears manager Damon Floyd recently to ask Copeland attend their summer stay so they could weigh him more.

“The thing I’ve beheld is when coaches indeed see him in person, they’re a lot some-more tender with his arm strength and his athleticism,” Floyd said. “He’s faster and stronger in chairman than he looks on film, and he’s picked adult a lot some-more zip on his throws with his strength.”


Braswell, who gave adult a defensive coordinator post during Bradley Central for a pierce to Harrison, motionless to cancel a Purple Pounders’ sole scrimmage. He has some-more players than helmets (66) and is awaiting another 15 to 20 relocating adult from core school.

It has been behind to basis for a organisation that will start usually a integrate of seniors.

“We’re training how to practice. When a organisation goes 0-10 people contend there’s no talent, yet that’s not a case,” Braswell said. “What we’re doing is training to win a day any day. To a guys, a locker room looking like rabble didn’t have anything to do with going 0-10; to me it’s everything.”

The offense is changing and will have a clear run importance underneath new coordinator Chuck Hudson. Players to watch embody McClendon Curtis (6-8, 293) and defensive behind D.J. Baxter. Each already has grant offers.

Chattanooga Christian

With scarcely 85 percent of final year’s descent prolongation now graduated and a resources of immature backfield talent, including rising sophomore fullback Mondo Ellison, new trainer Mariakis has switched to a wing-T. The multiple of so many new starters and a change in offense meant a Chargers spent many of a open focusing usually on that side of a ball.


The categorical concentration via open for a Blue Raiders was simply interlude a run.

“We were so bad during it final year that we spent a initial 3 practices not even introducing any pass defense. It was 100 percent dedicated to interlude a run,” manager Scott Cunmings said. “We’ll be a lot bigger and worse on invulnerability than final year, so that will help.”

The Blue Raiders approaching will knowledge a girl transformation by a season, with a commissioned organisation of sophomores and underclassmen severe for starting spots.

“We could start as many as 6 sophomores,” Cummings said, “but they’re a best choice in many cases given they are usually so gifted and there’s tons of speed all over a margin now.”

Copper Basin

The Cougars tested a new quarterback in comparison Jacob Taylor. Look for Hunter Newman to be an anchor on a line and Logan Suits should element him. Senior Tristan Padgett should be a force during linebacker.

“We had a good attitude,” manager Patrick Daley said. “They were giving all they had.”

East Hamilton

Coach Ted Gatewood pronounced one of a categorical things he beheld this open was how some of a returning players had grown and matured. The Hurricanes have some knowledge returning to an descent line that includes seniors Ethan Greenwood, Loftin McGehee and Moise Vidro, juniors Andrew Avery and Evan Horbinski, and youth parsimonious finish Graham Ford.

College programs will have an eye on comparison punter and kicker Jake McClure this fall, yet he’s equally profitable to East Hamilton as a reserve and far-reaching receiver.

“He really, unequivocally had a good spring,” Gatewood said, “all a approach around a board.”

East Ridge

James is returning to East Ridge, where he played and coached before vacating for northwest Georgia, and he’ll have a comparatively new staff that includes defensive coordinator Lebron Williams, who has had stops during Soddy-Daisy and Georgia’s LaFayette.

While a descent line is approaching to be a strength, James also has twin gifted quarterbacks — Eric Bennett and Alonzo Russell. In further to Mr. Football Moore, James also voiced certainty in Alonzo Stewart, who is approaching to anchor a invulnerability from core linebacker.

Grace Academy

The Golden Eagles are tinkering with twin quarterbacks Jared Thompson, a senior, and Cade Tinsley, a sophomore.

“They both pierce something opposite to a position,” manager Bob Ateca said.

Ateca pronounced he was tender with sophomore cornerback Noah Gray this spring. Dalton Morrison is a comparison lineman and also a organisation leader.

Grundy County

With an educational initial year underneath his belt, manager Casey Tate was feeling some-more assured as he put a Yellow Jackets by their open paces.

“The tiny things are not so many of an issue,” he said. “Last year we had a miss of experience. This year we have experience.”

One strength should be using back. Options there embody James McDaniel, a team’s heading rusher final season, Josh Wingo, Kevin Castro, Matt Burris and Corbin Lusk. McDaniel missed open drills after pang injuries in a mid-March automobile accident.

Greg Brewer, who coached Tate, has returned to a mountain. The former Jackets conduct manager many recently was defensive coordinator during Franklin County. He’ll manager defensive backs.


Coach Dan Duff and one partner rubbed 45 players this spring. It was a back-to-basics exercise.

“We didn’t even put a play in,” Duff said. “We worked on fundamentals — how to block, how to tackle, how to usually play a game. We’ve got a lot of immature kids with a approach to go.”

The Wildcats have an gifted descent line with seniors Brett Garden, Brody Gregory and Zack Mahoney, and youth DeRayl Helton. Senior Drew Keith, a former descent lineman, altered to parsimonious end. Duff pronounced youth Preston Ward has gotten bigger and stronger and could also get some time during parsimonious finish and defensive end.

Juniors Cole Kuberg and Austin Francis were among those Duff pronounced have worked tough and gotten noticed. Both could finish adult during linebacker or on a descent or defensive lines.

“We’re perplexing to find who is aggressive,” Duff said. “We’ll find a place for them to play.”


Starr, named a Hustlin’ Tigers conduct manager this past week, pronounced he would spend a subsequent few weeks removing to know a players and anticipating out who has a loyalty he believes will be indispensable to spin a module around.

“They can lease ‘Junction Boys’ if they wish to know what to expect,” joked Starr, who has a story of branch around struggling programs and won a Georgia Class AAA state pretension in 1995. “We’ll have a kids in a weight room and find out genuine discerning that ones wish to work tough and that ones will need to find something else to do.

“I know there’s speed, and we trust there’s all kinds of intensity here to be successful. It’s usually going to take a lot of loyalty and a eagerness to be unequivocally physical.”

Lookout Valley

The Yellow Jackets will be arguably a youngest organisation in a area. They had no seniors operative out during a open and approaching won’t have any on a register this fall, yet they will lapse 5 starters on any side of a ball. They’ve also done a switch behind to a wing-T after a few seasons of using a widespread offense, and that will underline fullback Tanner Hodge (5-10, 200), a sophomore with lots of potential.

Marion County

Another new manager and a large series of graduations from a organisation that reached a past twin Class 2A state finals haven’t dampened spirits in Jasper.

“We’ve mislaid some players from pivotal spots, yet we had a good offseason and that’s since we had a good spring,” Coach Mathis said. “We didn’t get a round guys until (late), yet we’ve gotten a lot of reps and worked a lot on fundamentals, and we’ve had some guys come along.”

Included in that list are using back/linebacker Guy Hansard, linebacker/lineman Grayson Lawson and quarterbacks Hunter Zeman and Isaiah Sampson. One of a tip Warriors could be linebacker/tight finish Alex Kirkendoll (6-3, 220), who has a integrate of college offers already and ascent seductiveness from programs during a subsequent level.

Marion’s staff remained sum with a further of Brandon Harmon, whom Mathis hired from Rhea County to offer as defensive coordinator.


The Blue Tornado spent many of a open installing new defensive coordinator Ross’s intrigue and terminology.

“So distant that transition has been great,” Blue Tornado manager Ralph Potter said. “We’re unequivocally concordant philosophically. We wish to have about 90 percent of what we’re doing commissioned by a time tumble stay rolls around.”

Robert Riddle (6-3, 185) determined himself final deteriorate as a quarterback and will be surrounded by speed during a ability positions. The biggest regard for a organisation with high expectations is another heartless schedule, so building abyss will be a categorical concentration via a offseason.

McMinn Central

The Englewood organisation used partial of a use time in a open to tinker with a new invulnerability underneath Ken Gossett, who was already on staff yet promoted to coordinator. Former DC Brent Masingale coaches cranky country, also a tumble sport, yet will still assistance in football as a linebackers coach.

The Chargers are looking during switching from a 4-3 invulnerability to a three-down-linemen front in an bid to improved fit personnel. Head manager Josh Goodin pronounced comparison Jace Johnson took advantage of open use to strengthen that he’s got a pursuit during core linebacker. Senior Brandon Carter, who has knowledge during defensive end, got a audition during linebacker in a new defense.

Goodin pronounced a offense is “still arrange of feeling a approach through” during this time. Special teams didn’t get many courtesy during a new session.

“We have some-more dire needs offensively and defensively right now,” he said.

McMinn County

Change is on a horizon, during slightest offensively, for a Cherokees. Coach Bo Cagle has dipped into McMinn’s sideboard and dusted off a wing-T.

“John Mullinax ran it. My grandfather (Ace Adams) ran it. Most everybody that played here years ago played it, including me,” he said. “We have copiousness of guys that can run a round if we palm it to them, and not so many that can locate it if we chuck it to them.”

Cagle’s preference was done easier given he has Bradley Hayes returning during quarterback and given he has 4 returning starters on a descent line and a integrate of peculiarity parsimonious finish candidates.

Meigs County

There were twin vital changes, one on any side of a ball, for a Tigers, who design to contend for their district title.

Defensively, a organisation altered from a four-man front to a 3-4 fixing to concede some-more athletes to get on a field. On offense, Zy Moore (6-0, 195) is relocating from receiver to using behind so he can have his hands on a round some-more often. Moore is being recruited as a reserve by UTC and Jacksonville State, among others.

“He sees things fast and can cut it behind and make large plays for us from a backfield,” Tigers manager Jason Fitzgerald said. “And he likes to run over you. We consider it’s a good pierce for us.”

Riley Wilburn, a rapid send from McMinn County, will take over during receiver, and Logan Fowler earnings for his third deteriorate starting in a backfield.

Notre Dame

The Irish have had tighten to a dozen players acquire college scholarships over a past twin seasons, and a recruiters continue to uncover up, looking generally during using back/defensive behind Calvin Sims and parsimonious finish Patrick Johnson — both seniors — and sophomore receiver/defensive behind Cameron Lynn, who already has offers from Tennessee and Vanderbilt, and youth Sam Stovall (6-3, 300), whom Clemson was in to see final week.

Recruiters approaching got a good demeanour during Akil Sledge, whose carries were singular yet who had a 180-yard postseason diversion opposite East Ridge.

For a initial time in 3 seasons, Notre Dame is looking for a quarterback, and a usually thing for certain in replacing Furman-bound Alex Darras is that a quarterback will be a southpaw.

“Every time we went by a cavalcade we had to stop,” manager Charles Fant said. “I’ve never had a lefty in my life, and I’m going to breeze adult with three.”

The open leaders were T.J. McGhee, a rising junior, and freshman-to-be Parker Brock.


The Owls are in a routine of replacing many of a starters from one of a area’s best teams from final year. Several of a over were three-year starters, and for a initial time in Mac Bryan’s coaching reign a Owls will have 3 juniors starting on a descent line.

“We’re immature and not as gifted adult front, yet it looks like a real, loyal descent line as distant as large bodies,” Bryan said.

The Owls worked a starting section of comparison right tackle Avery Black (6-4, 288), comparison right ensure Josh Myrick (6-3, 280), youth core Brandon Davis (6-1, 260), youth left ensure Tyler Stafford (5-11, 270) and youth left tackle Zaire Brewer (6-2, 265).

The deepest position during open workouts was tailback, where Cameron Turner earnings and is assimilated by youth Tyler Henderson as good as sophomore Sincere Quinn, a team’s fastest player.

“He can be energetic for us,” Bryan said. “He’ll play any position we can get him a ball, including returning kicks.”

Polk County

The Wildcats are entrance off a winless season, yet during slightest there will be countless gifted players returning, given usually 4 organisation members graduated.

Coach Derrick Davis favourite a opinion and bid in open practice. He pronounced nonetheless he has another tiny comparison class, some good leaders are there. The sophomore category is a one large in numbers.

Davis pronounced comparison Logan Griswold, who essentially has played parsimonious finish and defensive end, “looked flattering good during fullback” this spring. Offensive lineman and linebacker Seth Sloan played on a ripped ACL final year. He missed open use yet is approaching to lapse for his comparison deteriorate and play a pivotal role.

“We competence have a tiny some-more abyss this year,” Davis said, “if we don’t have a lot of injuries.”

Red Bank

The Lions didn’t have a normal spring. They went yet pads given 12 pivotal players were concerned in other sports.

“We did a lot of work in a weight room and descent and defensive install,” pronounced manager Chad Grabowski, who will enter a summer with 19 returning starters. Those embody defensive ends Ivan Young and Jamel Davis, using back/linebacker Kedrick Richardson and using behind Zay Brown.

The quarterback is approaching to be Calvin Jackson, who played a series of ability positions final year and who was called a special contestant by Grabowski.

An further to a staff is descent coordinator Drew Akins, many recently during Ooltewah.

Rhea County

The Eagles kick Oxford, Ala., in a struggle early and afterwards mislaid a struggle to Murfreesboro’s Oakland.

Coach Pemberton was gratified overall.

“We answered some questions,” he said, “and we feel like we got a good hoop on who needs to play where.”

The O-line will be large — twin 300-pounders during tackle and guards between 235 and 250 — and Pemberton’s son Zack approaching will be a starting quarterback as a sophomore.

Rhea has twin certain college prospects in parsimonious finish Jared Edwards, who already has 18 offers (including from Memphis and Appalachian State), and fullback/linebacker Mason Stephenson, who ran for 1,500 yards final year.

Sale Creek

The Panthers finished their open drills underneath manager Ron Cox late this past week as they demeanour forward to a program’s fourth season.

Sequatchie County

Much of a Indians’ open was spent on defense, operative opposite mobile quarterbacks and widespread sets.

“Some things we struggled with during times final year,” pronounced manager Adam Caine, who destined a organisation to a second-place district finish and a playoffs in his initial season.

While there’s a new quarterback, former receiver/defensive behind Ethan Barker, Caine is seeking a deputy for hard-nosed curtain Brandon Rudd and continues to stress discipline, loyalty and toughness.

The linebackers will be a strength, interjection to Kyle Cates, Hunter Davenport and Caleb Reed, and Caine also is high on two-way lineman John Higgins.

Signal Mountain

Coach Ty Wise’s organisation struggled in his initial season, yet a youthfulness of that 2015 organisation has brought dividends this year.

“I have been happy with practices,” Wise said. “We lapse some good players that gained a lot of experience.”

Those are led by a secondary, yet there also are twin gifted quarterbacks returning: Tom Badder, who started a initial 5 games, and Drew Lowry, a round actor who finished a year as a starter.

A large change will engage TaDarrell Hodge (6-3, 260), who played defensive end/offensive ensure final year yet spent his descent time during parsimonious finish during a spring. Wise pronounced a rising comparison unequivocally tender a coaches with his pass-catching skills.

Silverdale Baptist

Optimism abounds during Silverdale, even yet it’s entrance off a 4-6 season. Two of a 4 who graduated from that organisation were harmed many of a season, manager Al Rogers said, so probably all a Seahawks are back.

Twenty-seven showed adult for open practice, that is a many in Rogers’ 5 years as conduct coach. More would have shown, yet a football players on a round and soccer teams were in postseason play.

Last year was a initial a Seahawks switched to a 3-5 defense. Rogers pronounced they’re adhering with it — and anticipating to govern it better. The offense will again underline their chronicle of a wing-T, along with some spread.

“We were fresh final year,” Rogers said. “We didn’t get into a playbook unequivocally deep. We’ll uncover a tiny some-more of a descent package and a defensive package this year.”


Coach Justin Barnes has a plain returning quarterback in comparison Justin Cooke (2,273 flitting yards, 27 touchdowns), yet is looking to find descent successors for far-reaching receiver Tre Carter and using behind Christian Bell. As energetic as Carter was with 20 sum touchdowns, Barnes pronounced it might be harder to find a inheritor for Bell (945 rushing yards, 24 receptions).

One receiver approaching to emerge is comparison Ty Boeck, yet he might be even some-more profitable as a starting core linebacker. Junior cornerback Brandon Davis is a sole returner in a delegate and one of 3 in a brew for Bell’s aged mark on offense.

Veteran starters Owen Vice (senior left guard) and Gage Keahey (senior center) lapse to a descent line, yet Barnes pronounced open use helped as he searched for new starters, such as sophomore Shane Brazier during left tackle. The invulnerability needs some-more reassembling than a offense, and a open workouts gave juniors Addison Roberts and Jake Seeger a possibility to get beheld during noseguard and defensive end.

“It’s been a chess compare perplexing to find guys who are a right fit,” Barnes said.

South Pittsburg

Are a Pirates back? There are 9 starters behind from final year’s playoff organisation on any side, and manager Vic Grider has been gratified with a offseason work.

“We demeanour physically better. We had a good winter,” he said. “In a brief duration of time we had gotten behind in a weight room, and we don’t repair that overnight, yet we consider we’ll be means to mount adult to a plea physically improved than final year.”

The Pirates seem to have many some-more abyss than in 2015.

With a returning quarterback in Hogan Holland, Grider pronounced he’ll find a place for sophomore send Kelly Cawood, who has many of a village buzzing.

“We worked him some opposite places,” Grider said. “He could play in a slot, and we would be repelled if he doesn’t play defense.”


The Rams mislaid all yet one starter on a descent line, that done anticipating replacements one of a tip priorities of a spring. Veteran manager Wayne Turner pronounced he believes during slightest 6 new players done a box to turn starters.

“We had a lot of unrestrained and foe for starting jobs, that was good to see,” Turner said. “We’ll have copiousness of abyss in a backfield and a secondary, yet I’d still like to find a few some-more adult front on both sides of a ball.”

One defensive visitor who done an sense is Tyon Young (6-0, 175), who will play finish notwithstanding his miss of size.

“He overcomes a lot usually by carrying a engine that never quits,” Turner said. “He’s not fearful to go get after it.”

Walker Valley

Coach Glen Ryan used a open to try to find abyss in some areas. He pronounced comparison Kristian Williams-Soto, who played some in a past, came onward with his play in a secondary. The manager also remarkable youth receiver Zeke Westfield progressed well.

The seniors, some of whom started as freshmen, are primed and prepared for a large season. Walker Valley also earnings a tested quarterback in youth Kolten Gibson (2,608 yards sum offense, 18 touchdown passes, 8 rushing touchdowns).

As expected, a core organisation of maestro players on a patrol achieved to Ryan’s fondness in a spring.

There are no schematic changes on a horizon, and since would there be? Although a Mustangs finished 4-6 final year, there are many returners to a organisation that averaged 35.7 points per game.

“It’s a seasoned group,” Ryan said. “We’ve usually got to seaside adult a invulnerability and get some-more consistent.”


The Tigers held on to a changes on both sides of a round faster than new manager Malone anticipated.

“I didn’t wish to overkill them, so we usually put in about half a offense and half a defense, usually a bottom stuff, yet a thing we beheld was we’ve got a lot of kids who have a high football IQ,” pronounced Malone, who led East Ridge to a best deteriorate in module story final year.

The new offense is totally opposite than what a Tigers ran a past twin seasons, going from a grind-it-out character to a discerning dash out of a pistol.

Malone will manage a offense and brought in former East Ridge delegate manager Randall Bolden to take over as defensive coordinator.

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