Atlanta-shot shows renewed: ‘Finding Carter,’ ‘Rectify,’ ‘Halt & Catch Fire’

August 26, 2014 - Finding Carter

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Posted: 9:40 am Tuesday, Aug 26th, 2014

By Rodney Ho

MTV's Finding Carter is removing a second season. CREDIT: MTV

MTV’s “Finding Carter” is removing a second season. CREDIT: MTV

Back in a late 1990s, before DVRs and Netflix, summer TV was still a bit of a black hole. So NBC, in an try to get folks to watch repeats of “Friends” and “ER,” used a tagline, “If we haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.” Lame? Yes. Ahh… those were a days!

Anyway, we was on vacation final week so we wasn’t means to news on some news during a time.  If we haven’t already listened about this, it’s (ahem) “news to you.”

Three scripted shows shot in Atlanta got renewals final week:

– MTV has given “Finding Carter” a second deteriorate of 12 episodes. The show, featuring a teen who finds out she had been kidnapped as a child and moves behind with her birth family, averaged 1.25 million in overnight ratings with another 850,000 around DVR. That was by distant adequate to consequence a sophomore year.

It’s also a No. 1 new wire array for 12 to 34 year olds. The deteriorate culmination is on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

“We’re unequivocally excited,” pronounced Maria Grasso, an executive producer. “The network has been impossibly supportive.”

She expects prolongation for deteriorate dual to start in January, 2015, in Atlanta. The show, set in a illusory Virginia town, was shot in a open into early summer. By a time a episodes airing now cocktail up, it was ostensible to be late fall. So outside scenes were a challenge, generally when a temperatures upheld 90 degrees. This time around, it will be winter going into open so a uncover won’t have those issues for deteriorate two.

As for Carter herself, she’s been perplexing to build trust with her biological relatives as she struggles with her feelings about her kidnapper/mom. But profanation is stirring and part 10 (which we screened) facilities a nasty eventuality and cliffhanger that will positively change Carter. Her choices, we contingency say, aren’t always a right ones. “She’s 16, perplexing to find her way,” Grasso said.

And because a heck is she captivated to a clearly uneasy bad child Crash? His damaged family is informed to her and “she wants to save him. Her intentions are good.”

Fans, she said, have found a mother/teenager interactions picturesque and relatable – only in a heightened thespian way. “They seem to be eating adult a twists and turns and raised where it’s going to go,” she said.

The uncover eventually complements MTV’s line-up of successful scripted programs including “Awkward,” “Teen Wolf” and “Faking It.”

Aiden Young will be during SCAD May 10, 2014 during 3 p.m. for a quarrel I'll be moderating about Rectify on Sundance. CREDIT: Sundance

Aiden Young stars in “Rectify” on Sundance. CREDIT: Sundance

– Sundance’s “Rectify,” constructed essentially in Griffin, has been renewed for a third season. This was Sundance’s unequivocally initial scripted play series.

The network doesn’t unequivocally beget a ratings of bigger networks though clearly, a coronet there is happy with a show’s opening and vicious praise. It’s about a condemned male who was expelled out of genocide quarrel in Georgia on a technicality and whose ignorance is still in question.

– AMC, in a biggest surprise, gave a array “Halt and Catch Fire” a second season. Despite medium ratings (1.3 million with DVR use), it was means to clear a renovation formed on a upscale demographics. (What we would call a “30 Rock” argument.”). It also helps that AMC’s line-up of new shows have not achieved all that good compared to their big-tent contingent of “Breaking Bad” (now over), “Mad Men” (soon to be over) and “The Walking Dead.”

Here’s how AMC fit a pierce in a press release:

According to Nielsen data, a initial deteriorate of “Halt and Catch Fire” was one of a many upscale dramas on ad-supported television, #3 among adults 18-49, behind “Mad Men” and “The Good Wife,” and #4 among adults 25-54, behind “Mad Men,” “The Good Wife” and “Parenthood.” It was also one of cable’s many enchanting dramas among adults 18-49 (#3) and adults 25-54 (#4), according to Nielsen TV Brand Effect.

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