Attention, ‘Finding Carter’ Fans: The Show’s Stars Want To Have A Little Talk …

September 12, 2014 - Finding Carter

To contend a Wilson family has endured some ups and down given they were reunited with a long-lost Carter would be a sum understatement. To name only a few instances on “Finding Carter“: relationship turmoil between Elizabeth and David, Taylor‘s not-so-innocent evolution, Carter’s tumultuous union with uneasy Crash, and, lastly, Max’s shocking shooting. And when a good man finally non-stop his eyes on final week’s episode after a terrifying ordeal, this is how we reacted:

Max’s resurgence aside, there’s still copiousness of doubt in store for Carter and those closest to a her. So, in sequence to entirely ready for a movement that’s certain to reveal on a deteriorate culmination on Tuesday during 10/9c, stars Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron (a.k.a a Wilson twins) will be responding your formerly submitted Twitter questions and deliberating your fan theories on — put this in your calendar — Sunday from 8a-12p during “Bring It On” and a latest dual episodes!

To check out what’s to come from a onscreen sisters, watch a shave below. And be certain to balance in for a mini-marathon on Sunday — and a deteriorate culmination on Tuesday!

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