Bernie Sanders Won Michigan Because He’s Honest. More People Trust Trump Than Clinton

March 9, 2016 - Finding Carter

It’s apparent that Michigan electorate valued probity on Tuesday, generally given Governor Rick Snyder competence have famous about Flint’s H2O predicament back in 2014. Because many Americans trust him, Bernie Sanders is now usually 7 points behind Clinton nationally, and his overwhelming dissapoint feat in Michigan will relieve a opening in destiny polls. In terms of since Sanders has been means to cut into what was once a 50-point lead, a underlying polling information compared with probity and probity is a elemental reason. In an choosing year where investiture possibilities are shunned by voters, probity is a pivotal charge indispensable to win.

According to a new YouGov poll, “Bernie Sanders is a many widely devoted presidential claimant of possibly party.”

In this YouGov poll, 56% of voters find Hillary Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.”

Surprisingly, 52% of voters find Donald Trump “not honest and trustworthy.” Yes, some-more Americans in this check find a xenophobic and polarizing Republican to be some-more infallible than a former Secretary of State.

Moving on to a new Quinnipiac poll, 68% of voters found Bernie Sanders “honest and trustworthy.”

Conversely, 67% of voters found Hillary Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.” we quoted this statistic during my latest CNN interview with Victor Blackwell.

Again, in this poll, Trump ranks aloft than Clinton, with 59% of voters anticipating Trump “not honest and trustworthy.”

Even on a economy, electorate place some-more trust in Trump than Clinton; an meaningful pointer for Democrats if Clinton becomes a nominee. According to Rasmussen in December, “A new Rasmussen Reports inhabitant write consult finds that Likely U.S. Voters by a 50% to 38% domain trust Trump some-more than Clinton to hoop a economy and pursuit creation.”

Even Donald Trump is noticed as some-more infallible than Clinton, that is one reason Michigan chose Bernie Sanders, notwithstanding Clinton’s 99% chance of winning according to Nate Silver.

In terms of Bernie and Hillary, usually one Democrat is seen as infallible by American voters. UC Berkeley Professor Jerome Karabel explains a huge disproportion in notice between both possibilities in a Huffington Post square titled Is Hillary Clinton More Electable Than Bernie Sanders?:

Beneath Secretary Clinton’s cryptic favorability ratings lies a low fountainhead of open mistrust. When impending electorate are asked either or not she is “honest and trustworthy,” their response is sobering; her rating on this dimension is a net disastrous 24 points, with 60 percent responding no and 36 percent responding yes. The contrariety with Senator Sanders is distinguished in that it is precisely a opposite: anet certain of 24 percent, with 55 percent responding approbation and 24 percent no…

Just 32 percent of Independents polled by Quinnipiac final month have auspicious views of her, compared to 59 percent who have adverse views (net disastrous of 27); interestingly, Independents perspective Sanders many some-more positively, with 39 percent auspicious and 29 percent adverse (net certain of 10).

Generally, pitch states have a higher series of eccentric voters, and Bernie Sanders has a good advantage over Clinton in terms of trustworthiness; among independents and American electorate in aggregate.

So since do Americans dread Hillary Clinton?

One answer is that Clinton can’t even contend she’s been honest in a past. A CBS News interview with Scott Pelley speaks volumes, in terms of how Clinton views her possess ability to sojourn honest with voters:

PELLEY: You know, in ’76, Jimmy Carter famously said, “I will not distortion to you.”

CLINTON: Well, we have to tell we we have attempted in each approach we know how literally from my years as a immature counsel all a approach by my time as secretary of state to turn with a American people.

PELLEY: You speak about leveling with a American people. Have we always told a truth?

CLINTON: I’ve always attempted to. Always. Always.

PELLEY: Some people are gonna call that shake room that we usually gave yourself.

CLINTON: Well, no, I’ve always attempted –

PELLEY:I mean, Jimmy Carter said, “I will never distortion to you.”

CLINTON:Well, but, we know, you’re seeking me to say, “Have we ever?” we don’t trust we ever have. we don’t trust we ever have. we don’t trust we ever will. I’m gonna do a best we can to turn with a American people.

In a chronicle of semantic jujitsu, Clinton answers a elementary doubt about probity with “I’ve always attempted to” tell a truth.

Another reason people dread Clinton, among many, can be related to a POLITICO essay patrician Go to Hell… Hillary Clinton had something to contend to a media about her email. It wasn’t too subtle:

No, Clinton said, she did not violate a law or manners when, for reasons of “convenience,” she used a private email comment in her years as a nation’s tip diplomat.

No, she said, this matter does not need to be incited over to some alien who can inspect a Clinton family’s private email server and exclusively cruise her avowal that she has already given to a State Department any organisation that competence feasible be of open interest.

Go to ruin is not typically a view voiced by politicians on a domain of a presidential campaign…

It was opposite this context that Hillary Clinton on Tuesday sought both to plan nondefensiveness– Sure, I’m happy to answer some questions–and pull some observable lines– we don’t give a damn if we don’t like my answers.

While Clinton has settled she usually used a private server for convenience, we ask if anyone knows since she indispensable a server in a following YouTube segment. The FBI is now questioning a ground behind regulating a private server, and many likely, Bryan Pagliano has a singular bargain of a whole situation.

Since we know it wasn’t convenience, we offer a plea to Hillary supporters in this YouTube segment, generally a countless writers out there who dislike my domestic viewpoints in 2016.

Do we know since Clinton was a usually Secretary of State never to use a email residence and a usually Secretary of State to use a private server exclusively?

Again, we ask a elementary doubt in this YouTube segment.

Finally, with Flint’s H2O supply heading to 87 cases of serious health issues, including 10 fatalities (as good as children pang health effects) Hillary Clinton’s ties to fracking is another reason Bernie won Michigan. A Greenpeace news patrician Hillary Clinton’s Connection to a Oil and Gas Industry highlights a undo between Clinton’s difference and actions:

Fracking organisation and gas attention trade organisation lobbyists have also contributed to Clinton’s campaign…

Another donor is Elizabeth Gore, a lobbyist for WPX appetite (fracking). A lobbyist for FTI Consulting, creator of an attention front organisation called Energy In Depth, also contributed to Clinton’s campaign.

Although Clinton has pronounced she would need FERC to cruise meridian change before extenuation any new gas tube permits, she recently told activists she would not anathema fracking as president, and has a pro-fracking lane record that has been well-documented by countless groups, including pro-Clinton Super PAC Correct a Record.

While Secretary of State, Clinton pushed fracking in countries around a world, by a department’s Global Shale Gas Initiative.

Bernie Sanders has never taken income from oil and gas corporations. Clinton’s several ties to fracking undermined her promises to assistance Flint’s H2O crisis.

Thus, we have one claimant who’s a tellurian contradiction. Bill and Hillary Clinton have warranted $153 million in Wall Street vocalization fees given 2001, nonetheless President Hillary Clinton will be tough on Wall Street. Clinton supposed income from prison lobbyists, nonetheless promises to finish mass incarceration. Clinton is noticed as a on-going by some, nonetheless one heading historian in The New York Times says she’ll have a “neocon” foreign policy. If all this doesn’t supplement up, that’s since it’s counterintuitive to trust a Democrat who takes income from Wall Street, espouses a hawkish unfamiliar policy, and accepts jail lobbyist donations.

Bernie Sanders won Michigan, and will win a presidency, since he’s a usually honest claimant in 2016. The FBI and James Comey vote in May, and their commentary will expected give Bernie Sanders a Democratic nomination. Since Sanders defeats Trump by a many wider domain than Clinton, Bernie Sanders will have no problems defeating a Republican nominee. All he needs to do is better a Republican within his possess celebration related to an ongoing FBI investigation, and Bernie Sanders will “destroy” Trump in a ubiquitous election.

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