BrightWork launches to move easy web app building for front finish folks

August 1, 2016 - Finding Carter

Front finish folks and behind finish folks only can’t get together. The behind finish folks are always like “Node.js” and a front finish folks are like “Node what?” and afterwards there’s a quarrel and someone gets a hose and it only turns into a large mess. BrightWork, a TechStars Chicago company, has a solution.

Founded by former Twilio operative Josh Carter and Nike developer Phil Taylor, a association has lifted $200,000 so distant to make it elementary to muster behind finish record instantly.

“This was something both Phil and we struggled with in a possess projects. We had been building applications for companies like Disney, Taco Bell, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. The emanate was carrying to build a backend and microservices for each one of those solutions that ate divided during a bottom line,” pronounced Carter. “Phil had a really identical problem where he was carrying issues anticipating a best approach to build a resolution or infrastructure for a customer that was most some-more agile. This problem resinated with both of us so we felt this was a right time to build Brightwork.”

Think of Brightwork as a array of scripts same to a aged Cpanel days. When we need a sold API or use we simply press a symbol and all is finished for you. You afterwards conduct it from your front finish and pattern your interface around a tiny chunks you’ve spun up. It’s really nerdy things though useful.

They have about 300 users on their waitlist and they’ve only launched.

“The product has been in a hands of a tiny name organisation of people who have been providing good feedback, though we knew we had to get this out to a broader assembly if we were going to grow,” pronounced Carter.

While behind ends aren’t as voluptuous as front ends, it’s transparent that carrying entrance to both creates a tasty hunk of back-end nougat enrobed in a excellent front-end chocolate. The melding of a two, as we can imagine, sounds amazing. And we don’t have to move out a hose.

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