Carter Covington Explains Why MTV Is Ending ‘Faking It’ With Season 3 (Exclusive)

May 14, 2016 - Finding Carter

MTV will not be going behind to Hester High.

The Viacom-owned wire network has opted to finish scripted comedy array Faking It after 3 seasons, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The Carter Covington comedy’s May 17 deteriorate 3 culmination will now offer as a array finale.

To hear Covington tell it, a show’s muted ratings are to censure for a cancellation. Starring Rita Volk and Katie Stevens as dual teenagers who turn renouned after they’re mistaken for a lesbian couple, a comedy’s many new partial collected customarily 530,000 sum viewers with 3 days of behind viewing. That’s about half of what maestro lead-in comedy Awkward has been sketch on Tuesday nights.

Always a array to pull a amicable envelope, Faking It — co-starring Gregg Sulkin, Bailey De Young and Michael Willett — has explored such subjects as what it’s like to be innate intersex as good as several LGBT themes as a story has focused on lead Amy (Volk) and her efforts to find her ardent identity.

The preference to hang Faking It comes as MTV is mulling Awkward‘s future over a current fifth season and as a cabler — looking to renew a concentration on music — recently picked adult 3 new comedies as partial of a massive upfront slate.

Below, Covington talks exclusively with THR about a preference to finish Faking It and what to design from subsequent week’s array finale.

What were your conversations like with MTV to pierce behind Faking It?

We have always famous that a ratings were on a bubble. As a show, we have delivered —every deteriorate has been a tiny bit of a preference of possibly we would get some-more episodes. We’ve always been prepared for cancelation yet when a numbers started entrance out for this season, it was unequivocally transparent that we were not behaving as strongly as we would like for it to be a no-brainer for a pickup. Unfortunately, this is a business and we’ve got to attract eyeballs to acquire a mark on a network and this deteriorate we fell a tiny short.

Was this preference quite about ratings?

I haven’t listened that there were any artistic issues. MTV has been impossibly unapproachable of a uncover and has always upheld it creatively. It was quite a numbers decision. I’m not arcane to those conversations so I’m not 100 percent sure.

Had we already left in to representation MTV a deteriorate four? What did that entail?

I had had discussions with MTV, observant if we do collect us adult for one some-more deteriorate to contend goodbye to fans, we have a good storyline that we could tell. we did share that with them as arrange of a final defence yet we cruise it wasn’t adequate to lean a decision.  

Why do we cruise a show, notwithstanding a tiny nonetheless constant base, didn’t locate on with incomparable audiences? Especially given a show’s summary of being thorough to everyone?

I’m not sure. we cruise a uncover will have a clever life in a future, possibly it’s on iTunes or done accessible on Hulu or Netflix for prolonged durations of time. we cruise people, when they found a show, unequivocally desired it. Early on, maybe people suspicion it as a uncover for LGBT fans and even yet I’ve never seen it that proceed — we cruise a uncover appeals to a extended assembly — we do cruise it competence have gotten that sense and maybe people didn’t representation it who didn’t feel like they fell into that audience.

What kind of bequest do we cruise Faking It will have?

My wish is that Faking It will be a initial uncover that started what we call a post-gay epoch on television. We always attempted to proceed a storytelling as entrance from a place over entrance out stories and unequivocally exploring a lives of all of a characters, regardless of their sexuality. My wish is that other shows will collect adult from this pierce a round forward. Audiences are prepared for shows that don’t concentration on characters’ differences and sexuality and pronounce some-more to a common characteristics as tellurian beings.

Is there any intensity to emporium Faking It elsewhere for a fourth season?

Unfortunately, MTV owns a uncover and customarily selling would be started by a studio and we don’t have a studio. There isn’t an entity that could emporium it. It would have to be someone seeking to buy a uncover from MTV and make more. And since a ratings weren’t strong, we don’t know if there would be any suitors. Sadly, we cruise this is a end.

MTV is creation a large digital push. Why not continue Faking It as a web-only original? Was that something we pitched?

It wasn’t. It’s a plea right now since digital budgets are so small, it would be a flattering clever charge to renegotiate actor contracts and get everybody on house for a uncover like that. The economics are so opposite that it’s a flattering daunting charge to do that. we didn’t make that plea; it didn’t seem realistic.

How did a expel respond to a cancellation?

I am so impossibly propitious to work with 5 extraordinary actors who not customarily desired operative on Faking It yet unequivocally embodied a themes of Faking It, in terms of tolerance, acceptance and genuine adore for any other. It’s substantially a thing that I’m many unhappy about — that we won’t get to see any other each day during work. We unequivocally became a family these past 3 years. we cruise people are going to demeanour behind on Faking It and say, “Holy cow, demeanour during that cast,” since they’ve all left on to do so many things. I’m so unapproachable to contend that we worked with them during this indicate in their careers. We done a many of a time together. That’s a one good thing about vital on bubble: we always knew we had a special uncover and we were propitious to get to make it.

Did we ready subsequent week’s deteriorate 3 culmination meaningful that there competence not be a deteriorate 4 and that it would also have to double as a array finale?

I unequivocally had it in a behind of my mind. My final series, 10 Things we Hate About You finished on some flattering thespian cliffhangers and we felt like that wasn’t satisfactory to do to fans if we felt like a uncover might not come back. We worked tough to emanate a culmination where even yet we do finish on cliffhangers, they’re happy cliffhangers. It’s New Year’s Eve and there are new relations and everybody is kissing someone during midnight. That felt like a good rising place for a new season, should we get it, and also a happy place to leave fans if this was going to be a end. 

You formerly told THR that your dream ending would be saying everybody 5 years after they’ve graduated from college. How does what wound adult being a array culmination review to that?

It’s different. If we could control a star right now, I’d take these actors and emanate a new uncover — a complicated take on Friends — and put all these actors in a same parts, post-college, and reboot a show. we cruise they’re such good actors and their characters are juxtaposed in fun and engaging ways. we was vehement to see that and I’m unhappy we won’t get to. It’s unequivocally fun to cruise about. I’ll substantially still cruise about it for many years. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get a rope behind together.

Did we representation retooling Faking It to MTV?

I have mentioned it to MTV, yes. we don’t know if they common my confidence that that would be a fun proceed to relaunch a show. It would be a risk to take a uncover that’s underperforming and reboot it in a opposite proceed and wish it will get a bigger audience. 

What kind of summary does a culmination send to viewers?

I wish a bequest of a show, and we cruise array culmination speaks to that, encourages people to be unapproachable of who they are and to approximate themselves with people who support that. Especially in Amy and Lauren’s (DeYoung) story, we unequivocally helped showcase that a some-more we can be your true, authentic self, a some-more you’re going to pull people to we who adore we for who we are.

Is there closure once and for all for Amy and Karma’s regretful relationship?

That will always be my solitary regret: that we never got to try Karma and Amy together. we never got to demeanour central during Karma and have her doubt her loyalty and since it’s so heated and her adore for Amy. I’m unhappy that we won’t get possibility to do that. we felt like fans unequivocally deserved that and I’m unhappy they won’t get that.

Looking behind on all 3 seasons as a whole, do we feel like we were means to tell a finish story?

I feel like we was means to tell a rewarding story that viewers can watch from commencement to finish and enjoy. It will never be finish for me; yet it’s as tighten as we could make it though a final season.

Is there a impulse or storyline that you’re many unapproachable of?

What a uncover will unequivocally be famous for is Lauren’s entrance out as intersex and being a initial array unchanging who is intersex on radio and carrying so many intersex fans who had never seen themselves represented on TV and saying in their passion for a show, and what it means and how critical it is for them to see yourselves reflected on TV — I’m so unapproachable that we got to tell that story. She came out in a initial partial of deteriorate two, so we got to tell that story over 30 episodes. I’m unequivocally vehement we got to do that and we wish that we are only a initial uncover that does that and that intersex people don’t have to go another 10 or 15 years before they see themselves on radio again.

You still have dual projects (comedies #Blessed and Click Bait) at MTV — both with Faking It writers attached. What’s a standing of those?

We incited in a book for Click Bait (about determined YouTube stars) and will hear behind on Monday with what they suspicion of it. The other, #Blessed (about a homeschooled Jehovah’s Witness who personally starts going to a open high school), we are essay a initial breeze and wish to get in soon. My attribute with MTV continues and while it’s always tough to get canceled, we reason no ill will opposite MTV. They have been a smashing partner and I’d hatred for a summary of a uncover to be annoy during MTV when they were dauntless adequate to collect this uncover adult and put it on a atmosphere and support it for 38 episodes. They’ve been an glorious partner and we reason no grudges that we didn’t get to go serve with a story.

Would we cruise casting anyone from Faking It should possibly pierce forward?

Definitely! we cruise a network would adore to work with them again. They’ve all proven themselves to be good actors during comedy and play and unequivocally learned and nuanced in what they do and a pleasure to work with. None of them have any diva antics.

Were any of a characters in possibly book desirous by characters or actors from Faking It?

We’ve unequivocally had people in a heads that paint a characters and since I’m essay with Faking It writers, we can’t assistance yet put Faking It cast in those roles in a heads. All of them have popped into a certain impression one proceed or a other. It’s fun; we get to tone with these good crayons and we don’t wish to stop coloring with those crayons when we pierce on to a new picture. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our fans have been so ardent and so outspoken about their adore for a show, pity fan art and what a uncover means to them. I’d adore them to know that those did not go unheard. We all conclude it and we desired creation uncover for them since we knew how most Faking It meant to them. We will always have Faking It together.

Stay tuned to THR‘s The Live Feed after a array culmination on Tuesday for a special post from Covington.

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