CFL Takeaways: Manziel’s progress, Carter’s recover take spotlight

August 12, 2018 - Finding Carter

Sports are about stars, and a seductiveness and discuss they incite.

The B.C. Lions competence have saved their season, a Winnipeg Blue Bombers competence have sent a summary to a rest of a league, and Trevor Harris competence have put adult a best opening of a season. However, dual players with star energy were a ones who dominated a Twitter mentions this week. One of that didn’t play. The other didn’t play well.

Johnny Manziel is anticipating his approach in a CFL, solemnly yet surely. Duron Carter now has to fast find a new team. Here are my takeaways of a recover of Carter, a emancipation of Manziel, and all a other CFL movement that, sadly, was buried in comparison.


You know CFL news is large when another actor is trending during Manziel’s game. The CFL universe was shook when news pennyless that Carter has been expelled by Saskatchewan.

This season, Carter has 8 receptions, 111 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He’s played many of a year as a cornerback. It’s not mostly a two-time CFL all-star, who is usually 27 years old, is cut mid-season.

During his dual seasons in Rider Nation, he had 81 receptions, 1154 yards, 9 receiving touchdowns and dual interceptions for touchdowns personification defence. Carter gets labelled as polarizing and enigmatic, that are arbitrary. But what nobody should call him is selfish. That would be unfair.

How many all-star receivers would agree, not once yet twice, to play counterclaim for a raise of a team? Not many. Chris Jones’ reason as to because he was cut will be interesting.

Could it be financial? CFL maestro contracts are guaranteed after week nine. That register mark and income could have been privileged to make room for one of a many players looking for work during NFL cuts over a subsequent dual weeks. Could it be that they are trade one high-profile receiver for another in Terrell Owens, who Jones worked out final week?

Carter alluded to a fact he competence be finished with football. He’d be a good fit possibly streamer behind to Montreal, giving Manziel a proven target, or joining behind adult with a male who brought him into a joining in Jim Popp, who is in Toronto and could use a big-play receiver to span with Armanti Edwards and S.J. Green.

But Carter hinted he competence be finished with football.

Bye week: Toronto Argonauts, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Calgary Stampeders

Montreal 17 – Ottawa 24

Montreal QB line: Johnny Manziel – 16-26, 168 yards

Ottawa QB line: Trevor Harris – 44-54, 487 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception

Attendance: 25,161

Trevor Johnny
The story of a diversion was once again Manziel, yet a actor of a diversion was Trevor Harris. Harris put on a uncover and tied for second for many completions in a diversion with Anthony Calvillo, who did it in 2008, one bashful of Henry Burris, throwing 45.

The good news about Manziel
Manziel started prohibited going 6-7 for 78 yards in a initial quarter, and 11-17 for 128 yards in a half. As a diversion wore on, a Redblacks began to lay on routes and interrupt a Alouettes’ offence. It was a immeasurable alleviation by Manziel and his O-line.

Manziel had a purify slot to step adult and chuck and he was some-more wilful in his reads, nonetheless his footwork got messy during times. More importantly, he took caring of a ball. By not branch it over, he gave his group a chance, even yet they were badly outplayed.

The bad news about Manziel
Manziel indispensable to be helped to his feet after holding a shot to a conduct during a idea line, where his arms and physique went limp. He wasn’t taken to a locker room and didn’t skip a snap, that begs a question, because wasn’t a CFL’s concussion custom enforced? If actor reserve is a arch concern, actor insurance should be extended to players even if they are a dish ticket.

Manziel improving
Last week Manziel was 11-20, 104 yards, with 4 interceptions in a 50-11 loss. This week, he was 16-26, with 168 yards in a 24-17 loss. An incremental improvement, yet this group needs to get dramatically improved rapidly.

Alouettes need to spin it around quick
Montreal is using out of time. The Alouettes have now mislaid 5 true and are 1-7. They usually have one win in their final 19 games, and usually one win in their final 12 highway games. In Week 10, they are during Edmonton (5-3), afterwards in Week 11 they horde Toronto (2-5). Then they’re behind in Ottawa (5-3), afterwards have a bye week in Week 13, and afterwards horde B.C. in Week 14 (3-4).

If they don’t start stockpiling wins, they can lick a playoffs goodbye.

Winnipeg 29 – Hamilton 23

Winnipeg QB line: Matt Nichols – 13-24, 180 yards 2 TD

Hamilton QB line: Jeremiah Masoli, 251 yards, 1 TD

Attendance: 26,454

Bombers surging
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are tied for second in a West with Edmonton during 5-3, yet a approach they’re personification now, they competence be a best challenger of a Calgary Stampeders for West supremacy. Matt Nichols is now behind healthy. Since he’s returned, they’ve been widespread and balanced. Winnipeg leads a CFL in sum points, rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, sacks and interceptions.

Edmonton 23 – B.C. 31

Edmonton QB line: Mike Reilly – 26-41, 302 yards, 2 TD’s, 2 interceptions

B.C. QB line: Travis Lulay – 16-29, 239 yards, TD, 1 interception

Attendance: 17,745

Lions strengthen home
The B.C. Lions are display some signs of life, during home anyways. At a new B.C. Place, they kick a Eskimos to snap a two-game losing streak. They kick a Eskimos for a initial time given Week 18 of 2016.

Lulay has thrown for 5 touchdowns and roughly 1,200 yards given entrance back. The Lions are now 3-0 during home this season. The B.C. counterclaim has also stepped adult during home and hold a Eskimos to 3 points and 5 initial downs in a second half. At home, B.C. is 3-0, scoring 73 points and giving adult 50 points-against. On a road, they are 0-4, scoring 84 points and giving adult 138 points against.

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