Chargers Fall Short during Mile High, 35-21

October 24, 2014 - Finding Carter

Jahleel Addae stranded Demaryius Thomas usually bashful of a sticks.  Britton Colquitt booted a 39-yard punt, and a Chargers forced a home group into a 10-yard holding chastisement to pierce a round adult to a San Diego 28-yard line.  Snares by Eddie Royal and Antonio Gates brought adult 3rd-and-2, and Philip Rivers strike a channel Keenan Allen to pierce a sticks.  The Bolts faced another discerning third down wanting 5 yards this time, and Rivers strike Oliver on a shade though he was pressed for a detriment of 3 and Mike Scfires booted a 43-yard punt to a 12 yard line.  Ronnie Hillman ran for 4 yards on 3rd-and-1, and afterwards on 3rd-and-4 Manning found Demaryius Thomas for a 16-yard benefit to midfield.   Denver had a third true third down, wanting 3 yards, though Ricardo Mathews detonate off a line to things Hillman for no gain.  After a 33-yard punt, a Bolts took over during their possess 14-yard line. Oliver ran for 6 yards on initial down, though unfortunately was forsaken for a five-yard detriment on second.  On 3rd-and-9, Rivers misfired low for Allen so Scifres unleashed a 58-yard punt that gave Manning a round during his possess 31-yard line. Sanders done a leaping 38-yard locate on initial down to put a round on a Bolts’ 31-yard line, and dual plays after a jet brush to Sanders changed a round into a red section during a 18.   Demaryius Thomas held a discerning strike down to a two-yard line to finish a quarter.

After losing 4 yards on a fumbled snap, Jason Verrett brought Sanders down during a dual yard line to pierce adult a large 3rd-and-goal.  Manning rolled right on a play and strike Sanders in a behind of a finish section for a 7-0 lead.  Rivers strike Malcom Floyd for 16 yards on initial down, though a Chargers faced a 3rd-and 7 in that series 17 was sacked by Von Miller.  A chastisement on Darrell Stuckey on a punt gave Denver a round during a San Diego 31.   The Bolts forced an evident three-and-out as Shareece Wright mixed a round out of Julius Thomas’ hands.   Starting during their possess 16, a Bolts faced an evident 3rd-and-7 and converted after Quinton Carter interfered with Gates during a 31.  Three plays after on 3rd-and-4, Rivers found a channel Allen for 13-yards to a 50.  Allen afterwards held a 10-yard quip to a 39 before Royal hauled in a 15-yarder to a 23.  An bootleg hands to a face chastisement on King Dunlap pushed a Chargers back, and afterwards Rivers was sacked to make it 3rd-and-20 during a 33-yard line.  Donald Butler was called for nonessential harshness to pierce a round to a 30 and give a home group a initial down.  Hillman took a pitch pass down to a 3 yard line, and dual plays after Sanders scored his third touchdown of a diversion to make it 21-7.  After picking adult a initial down around penalty, a Bolts had to punt after Rivers’ low pass on third down was usually out of a strech of a diving Floyd.  Denver began with a round during their possess 39-yard line.  On a initial snap, Wright slipped covering Demaryius Thomas, ensuing in a 23-yard gain.  A reason by Orlando Franklin sprang a prolonged Hillman touchdown run, though it was called behind due to a penalty.  However, on a subsequent play Richard Marshall was called for pass interference, putting a round during a 9 yard line.   Two plays after Juwan Thompson barreled forward for a measure to make it 28-7.  On San Diego’s subsequent drive, Eddie Royal done a 9 yard locate on 3rd-and-8 before Oliver took a brief pass for 22 yards.  Eric Weddle was negated by defensive holding on Marcus Gilchrist.  On a down replay, Thompson rushed adult a center for a one-yard measure and with a good additional point, a Broncos increasing their lead 35-14.  After a touchback, Rivers found Allen adult a center for a benefit of 19-yards to pierce a chains.  On second down, Rivers scrambled adult a center for a career-long 17-yard run.  The Bolts also picked adult an additional 5 yards after bootleg hit on Denver.  Ladarius Green for a benefit of nine, though on a subsequent play, Rivers lobbed a round downfield and was picked off by Rahim Moore during a Denver four.  On 3rd-and-short, Manning upheld left to Welker who gained adequate yardage and afterwards some to pierce a sticks for Denver.  After a two-minute warning during their possess 31, a Broncos were called for a fake start and dual plays later, were forced to punt.  A prolonged run by Oliver after a kickoff lapse finished adult using a time out and a Broncos won 35-21 over a Chargers.

Turning Point 

Down 14-7, San Diego started a second half with a ball.  Keenan Allen was open for a third down pass, though he unfortunately slipped in his cut and Chris Harris snared a interception.  Denver cashed in with another Emanuel Sanders touchdown to make it 21-7 and change momentum.

It was Over When…

The Bolts had usually cut a lead to 28-14, and a Denver Broncos were pushing low into San Diego territory. On 1st-and-goal during a dual yard line, Peyton Manning looked for Wes Welker usually to see Eric Weddle sky high and cradle in a outrageous interception.  Unfortunately, Marcus Gilchrist was flagged for defensive holding to annul a potentially diversion changing pick.  On a really subsequent play Juwan Thompson burrowed forward for a touchdown to make it 35-14 and put a diversion out of reach.

Play of a Game

Antonio Gates set a all-time receiving record on a selected Antonio Gates form play.  On 3rd-and-20, a destiny Hall of Famer ran a ideal join track and cradled in a fingertip trap for 31 yards down to a two-yard line.

Stat of a Game

As remarkable above, Antonio Gates became a San Diego Chargers’ all-time personality in receiving yards with his 3rd-and-20 catch.  He now leads a group in yards, receptions and receiving touchdowns.

Bolt Quotebook

Sean Lissemore

Odds and Ends

Denver outgained San Diego 425 to 306, including a 139 to 61 advantage on a belligerent and 286 to 245 corner around a pass.

Both teams scored touchdowns on each red section outing (SD 3-3, DEN 4-4).

Philip Rivers was 30 of 41 for 252 yards, 3 touchdowns and dual interceptions for a 92.7 passer rating. In a routine he upheld Len Dawson for 19th in all-time touchdown passes with 240. 

Keenan Allen led all receivers in receptions (9) and yards (73) while scoring his initial touchdown of a year.

Brandon Oliver led a Chargers with usually 36 yards on a ground.

Eric Weddle paced a invulnerability with 11 tackles.

Inactives for a Chargers include: Steve Williams, Ryan Mathews, Brandon Flowers, Donald Brown, Manti Te’o, Jerry Attaochu, Cordarro Law

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