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November 15, 2014 - Finding Carter

— NASCAR has always been about families. Families that stay together. Families that mangle up.

Look around a garage on any given Sunday and we will see a effects of those fractured relationships.

Ryan Newman was deemed unessential by Stewart-Haas Racing, and now he will be competing for a Sprint Cup Championship on Sunday, perplexing to win a pretension for his iconic owner, Richard Childress.

Kevin Harvick is a male who left Childress for a improved understanding during SHR, and now hopes to give his beleaguered owners and crony Tony Stewart something to grin about this season.

This is a inlet of NASCAR business, yet a divorce and matrimony papers supplement a tellurian component to a story of male and appurtenance in a final week of a prolonged season. NASCAR is down to a “Championship 4,” as Harvick and Newman will be assimilated by Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin racing for a pretension during Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday.

No need to count points, like prior formats. Best finish wins.

“What it would be like to win it for Richard?” Newman pronounced in response to a doubt during a press discussion Wednesday night. “I’m winning it for me.”

Yes, it’s intensely personal.

To review, Newman was squeezed out by Gene Haas, who aggressively courted Kurt Busch after a 2013 season, while Stewart was convalescing from a racing accident. Newman recalls anticipating out about a pierce like many people — by Internet rumors and them acknowledgment with a grave announcement.

“That’s all behind us now,” Newman pronounced Wednesday night, “but there were a lot of people who got surprised. Me initial and foremost, and a few people in that classification who astounded any other.”

It’s all good. Newman is among a final group station even yet he didn’t win a competition this season. But many importantly, he stayed solid and avoided inauspicious wrecks or resources that separated 12 other drivers, including six-time champion Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Jeff Gordon.

Harvick was some-more of a smoother ride. He has won 4 races this season, and has led over 2,000 laps as a many widespread motorist in a championship mix.

He’s delivered accurately what was approaching of him when he assimilated his best crony and three-time Cup champion Stewart, as partial of a “Dream Team” of drivers who also embody Danica Patrick and Kurt Busch.

“As we talked about things, Tony Stewart was apparently a outrageous partial of a preference we made, privately to change jobs. … It’s been golden this week. He was a final male sitting in my engine home 1/8in Phoenix final weekend3/8, revelation me, ‘Okay, here’s how you’re week is going to go. And here’s what we going to do, and here’s how we are going to do it.’ “

Stewart’s season, both as a competition owners and a driver, has been both sobering and tragic. Stewart’s automobile clipped and killed Kevin Ward Jr. while competing in a dirt-track competition in upstate New York in August, triggering a grand jury review in that Stewart was deemed not culpable.

But a romantic scars have unequivocally remained.

“I consider we’ve only finished a unequivocally good pursuit of perplexing to apart it and stay focused on a charge during hand,” Stewart said.

But a tragedy unequivocally lingers.

In his deepest thoughts, Newman would positively adore to win a pretension as payback to a group that kicked him to a curb.

In a impulse of reflection, Harvick would adore zero some-more than to win a pretension for his best friend.

“There’s a lot of emotion,” Harvick said. “… Obviously he’s been by a lot this year and if we can be that one resplendent impulse that creates his day better, for me we wish to see my crony smile.”

“I’m pushing for somebody who has a lot of story in the sport, that story being with a really widespread motorist 20 years ago,” pronounced Newman, in anxiety to Childress, who won 6 Cup titles with Dale Earnhardt Sr. as his driver. “… yet unselfishly, I’m all about me when it comes to this.”

After all, it’s not only family. It’s also business.

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