Chicago Psych Rockers Secret Colours Share DREAM DREAM Video Via Baeble Music

April 15, 2018 - Finding Carter

Chicago Psych Rockers Secret Colours Share DREAM DREAM Video Via Baeble Music

Chicago-based psych rockers who get their “sonic origin from ’60s psychedelia and ’90s Britpop (Stereogum)” are now pity their latest strain video, that debuted on Baeble Music. “Fun, cartoonish graphics peep on a shade over a organic pinkish wall and plants. The Chicago-based rope members are all donning retro sunglasses and simply carrying fun personification their instruments as a 70s-inspired surprising vibe takes lead of a song. Not usually are they colorful visually, though it’s a colorful song, with ferocious, clear guitar hooks and spreading vocals. Also, a rope competence sound informed – 7 of their songs were featured in Shameless. No large deal,” says Baeble Music. Watch a video here!

They’ve also been featured twice on Vampire Diaries, twice on on MTV’s Finding Carter, as good as many one offs (including a video starring Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim for a Estee Edit Lip Flip Party) and tiny indie films.

Syncs have been a outrageous partial of Secret Colours legacy, though they’ve also proven they can do it live. They’ve played with Warpaint uncover during a Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati in 2013. They also non-stop for a Raveonettes during Subterranean in Chicago, played SXSW 3 times, and achieved during Austin Psychfest twice. The rope was called on to open for Dr Dog during Lincoln Hall in 2015 to play a third Dr Dog uncover of a 3 night Chicago stint. Fans were seeking because they did not open for a initial dual nights.

If we didn’t know these guys were from Chicago, you’d assume they’re a garland of Brits, with their insanely Britpop-influenced sound and their surprising spelling of Colours, though a Windy City exports conduct to constraint a essence of a UK in a late ’90s/early ’00s and brew in a good volume of 70’s Psychedelia for a sound all their own. Ample amounts of foam and cocktail mix to sound something like if The Stone Roses and The Black Angels motionless to mate, and their brood is something to be cherished. With a recover of Dream Dream, Secret Colours continues to qualification a sound that reaches distant over a city boundary of their hometown of Chicago, IL. Heading behind to Dripping Springs, TX and recording their fourth full length LP during Dandy Sounds Studios with engineer/producer Dan Duzsynski, Dream Dream relishes on a stream turn of a direct on multitude to rest on their screens, devices, and multi-media influence. Dream Dream takes a low-pitched cues from indie, britpop, psychedelia, and garage rock, enthralling listeners by a innumerable of melodies that make adult Secret Colours signature sound. Songs like “Changes in Nature” and “Pins and Needles” are homages to their influences while “Habitual Ritual” drives a fast-fueled assign of complicated life while “Feed a Machine” delivers a pulsation vibe of drum with an opinion of 70’s London.

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