CIA: No justification that Saudi gov’t helped 9/11 attackers

June 12, 2016 - Finding Carter

CIA Director John Brennan pronounced there is no justification that a Saudi supervision or comparison Saudi officials upheld a Sept. 11 attacks.

Mr. Brennan’s remarks, in a weekend talk with al-Arabiya, addressed a still-secret 28 pages of a congressional exploration into a 2001 attacks, in that 15 of a 19 hijackers were adults of Saudi Arabia. President Barack Obama has betrothed to publicly recover all or partial of a 28 pages of a report, that could occur as early as this month. The rest of a news was expelled in Dec 2002.

Bob Graham, who was co-chairman of that bipartisan congressional panel, and others contend a 28 pages prove guess during a Saudis. Mr. Graham pronounced it’s critical for a open to know that all of a still-classified allegations were entirely investigated.

Brennan had pronounced progressing that a 28 pages contained rough information about probable Saudi links to a enemy that had not been advanced or vetted during a time. He pronounced that a 9/11 Commission, that did a follow-on review into a attacks, eventually found zero that forked to Saudi complicity.

“Subsequently a Sept. 11 elect looked really entirely during these allegations of Saudi involvement, Saudi supervision impasse and their finding, their end was that there was no justification to prove that a Saudi supervision as an establishment or Saudi comparison officials away had upheld a Sep. 11 attacks,” Brennan told al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned broadcaster, on Saturday.

“Indeed, subsequently a assessments that have been finished have shown it was really hapless that these attacks took place though this was a work of al-Qaida, (al-Qaida personality Ayman) al-Zawahri, and others of that ilk,” pronounced Brennan, who called Riyadh a clever U.S. partner in fighting terrorism.

Brennan pronounced he supports a recover of a still personal partial of a congressional inquiry.

The Saudi supervision says it has been “wrongfully and morbidly indicted of complicity” in a attacks, is fighting extremists and operative to clamp down on their appropriation channels. Still, a Saudis have prolonged pronounced that they would acquire declassification of a 28 pages since it would “allow us to respond to any allegations in a transparent and convincing manner.”

The pages were funded from a 838-page news on a orders of President George W. Bush, who pronounced a recover could hold comprehension sources and methods. Still, safeguarding U.S.-Saudi tactful family also was believed to have been a factor.

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