Courtney Kupets Carter goes from GymDog to Georgia conduct coach

February 15, 2018 - Finding Carter

In May 2017, Georgia announced a new conduct manager to lead a gymnastics program. 

A informed face to Bulldog nation, former GymDog Courtney Kupets Carter was named to a helm, with a hopes that she would lapse a module to a former glory. She knows this mass all too well, as she herself was a outrageous square of a bequest surrounding Georgia gymnastics.

Kupets Carter, a member of 4 inhabitant championship teams, not usually took a job, though returned to a foe that she loves and to a place where she shined.

Kupets Carter’s gymnastics career began when she was 3 years old, and she fast rose to a tip of a sport. She reached chosen gymnastics station in 1999 during 13 and became a back-to-back U.S. inhabitant champion in 2003 and 2004. 

Her career afterwards led her to a mark on a Olympic group in 2004. Hosted in Athens, Greece, Kupets Carter contributed to her team’s china award and warranted herself an particular bronze award on a disproportionate bars. 

Following a Olympics, Kupets Carter went on an Olympics muster debate before returning to competition. She assimilated a Georgia gymnastics group in 2005 and began her collegiate career underneath flashy conduct manager Suzanne Yoculan.

Quickly carrying over her success from chosen to collegiate gymnastics, Kupets Carter and a Bulldogs won a group inhabitant championship in 2006 and Kupets Carter won a particular all-around, bars and bean inhabitant titles.

Kupets Carter continued her mastery for a residue of her career during Georgia. In her 4 years, Kupets Carter was a contributing member of 4 inhabitant championship teams as good as a three-time all-around inhabitant champion, two-time change lamp inhabitant champion, two-time bars inhabitant champion, building inhabitant champion and safe inhabitant champion.

Her face now on a core of a wall of Stegeman Colesium with other good Georgia athletes, Kupets Carter stays a usually NCAA gymnast to win a pretension in a all-around foe as good as any particular event. She is also Georgia’s usually leader of a Honda-Broderick Cup, that is awarded to a tip womanlike collegiate contestant opposite all sports.

Former conduct manager and stream proffer partner coach, Yoculan, now famous as Suzanne Yoculan Leebern, pronounced that what distant Kupets Carter from a rest of a gymnasts was not that she had a prettiest handstands on a bars or a many energy when she tumbles.

Yoculan Leebern pronounced what set Kupets Carter detached was what went on in her conduct any day during use and any time she stepped adult to an eventuality on a foe floor.

“Yes, she has all of a earthy attributes of a successful gymnast, though so many gymnasts have all a flexibility, strength and awareness, though they only don’t have a mental strength, and that’s where she unequivocally distant herself,” Yoculan Leebern said.

Her inherited mental toughness, that served her good by injuries and opening ups and downs, also might have kept her during a tip of her sport. The disproportion in Kupets Carter was she kept her eye on a bigger picture. 

Yoculan Leebern described Kupets Carter as a “thinker,” and pronounced she could see a wheels branch during use and on a foe floor. Aware of her physique during all times, Kupets Carter was always looking to make improvements to herself and her routines, never focused on violation NCAA annals or how high a measure was.

“I was vacant with her during her whole career,” Yoculan Leebern said. “She was so easy. You would tell her something, and she was one step forward of you. Whatever we was meditative about revelation her to do, she was already doing it.”

Road to conduct coach

Life after collegiate gymnastics slowed a bit for Kupets Carter as she began to find her place in post-graduation life. 

Following her college career, Kupets Carter served as a tyro manager for a Bulldogs in 2010. She afterwards took a interregnum from a foe in 2014, fasten Le Reve, a Las Vegas H2O uncover that featured acrobatics, swimming and dancing. Returning to a gym and Athens in 2016, Kupets Carter coached during a bar spin during Oconee Gymnastics and Cheer.

“Gymnastics is a foe that we have to step divided from for a few years when we change your purpose in it,” Kupets Carter said. “It’s about anticipating what fit is for you.”

The banishment of former Georgia conduct manager Danna Durante in late Apr of 2017 sparked a ideal event for Kupets Carter to get into collegiate coaching. In prior years, she looked for positions as a conduct manager or an assistant, though it never felt right.

“I suspicion about being a college manager before and we had looked during other schools, though it never unequivocally felt like a fit,” Kupets Carter said. “I always suspicion ‘What would it take, when a event arose during Georgia, for me to get it?’”

Kupets Carter knew from past knowledge that Georgia looks for well-developed resumes from gifted conduct coaches and that a jaunty dialect would be looking for a same thing once again. 

Immediately putting in her application, Kupets Carter pronounced she was wakeful of her singular coaching experience, though she felt she had something to move to a table.

Relying on her manager and former college manager for advice, Kupets Carter called Yoculan Leebern, who coached a GymDogs from 1983 to 2009 and lead a group to 10 inhabitant championships, to ask her recommendation and get superintendence from a best in a business.

Coming off a unsatisfactory deteriorate in 2017 underneath Durante, Kupets Carter’s stream group also had no worries about it’s destiny coach’s knowledge level. In fact, many of her stream group watched Kupets Carter contest in a 2004 Olympics and followed her career when she came to Georgia.

Junior Sydney Snead, who competes in all 4 events for a GymDogs, pronounced she could not enclose her fad when she listened a news of her new conduct coach, and began a proclivity for a arriving deteriorate for her. 

“I was jumping adult and down, using around my house,” Snead said. “She was such a large star here and had so many success, so to be means to learn from her, we only remember being so vehement that we couldn’t wait to get behind to Athens to accommodate her and get to work.”


University of Georgia Gymdogs Head Coach Courtney Kupets Carter speaks with her group during Friday night’s accommodate opposite Auburn in Athens, Georgia, on Jan. 19, 2018 (Photo/Justin Fountain,

Some doubted a ability of Kupets Carter when she was initial named conduct manager given of her miss of knowledge as a conduct coach. However, her destiny group was never disturbed about her abilities though rather looked to her as someone that had stood in their boots and could describe to them. 

Senior Natalie Vaculik pronounced she has a print of herself on her recruiting outing to Georgia, station in front of a blown-up sketch of Kupets Carter from her college days. Vaculik struck a same pose, not meaningful that 3 years after she would be coached by a chairman she admired.

“She has a outrageous bequest here,” Vaculik said. “I know she hadn’t coached collegiate gymnastics before, though nothing of us had any doubts that she wasn’t fit for a job.” 

Rebuilding a bequest program

When Kupets Carter competed as a GymDog, she competed in a tallness of a bequest that was Georgia gymnastics. Knowing what it is like to have to change propagandize with use and competitions all while being in a open eye, Kupets Carter has been means to share her possess practice with her athletes and describe to them on a personal level. 

Yoculan Leebern, who has been means to watch Kupets Carter take over and see a changes that she has finished in a approach things are done, pronounced she is unapproachable of a approach that Kupets Carter is doing her athletes and formulating a opinion and sourroundings that she used to have.

“She has a good rapport with a athletes already,” Yoculan Leebern said. “She’s younger. It’s unequivocally good for a athletes, carrying someone that also went by a rival stresses that they’re going through. She can describe to all of that so well.”

Bringing a mental toughness that she employed via her possess career to her team, Kupets Carter is perplexing to change a approach that Georgia does gymnastics behind to a approach that it was when she was on a team.

The many critical charge that Kupets Carter is perplexing to move behind and learn in her athletes is a energy of a certain attitude, generally in a group that has been tormented with damage given a start of a season. As a result, she and her whole coaching staff have used certain bolster and support to support their athletes.

“I’ve had a lot of disastrous things, all that could occur as a gymnast,” Kupets Carter said. “If we constantly are negative, it takes longer to heal. You have to be unequivocally discerning to spin on that switch of certain bolster given it is a mental sport.”

Making some-more changes outward of a gym, Kupets Carter facilitated ways for her group to turn closer. Kupets Carter pronounced that a energy of group and their support for one another could be a disproportion during a finish of a day.

Vaculik pronounced that one of a biggest changes she has felt given a coaching change was a attribute between athletes and coaches. 

“I consider any and any one of us can contend that we feel supported,” Vaculik said. “Not only in a gymnastics though outward of a gym and in any aspect of a life.”

Outside of a coaching staff, there is an whole fan bottom of Georgia fans that wants to see a group succeed. The GymDogs have already had full-capacity during dual of their home meets in Stegeman Coliseum.

Knowing a energy of carrying a Bulldog republic hearten as a athletes compete, Kupets Carter looks for a girls to demeanour adult and demeanour around them during a good thing that they paint and are partial of. 

She pronounced a sourroundings and what Georgia represents is one of a reasons she became a Bulldog, and one of a reasons she wanted to return.

“There’s a village here,” Kupets Carter said. “And that’s what we’re perplexing to learn these immature ladies. You don’t know how many we can impact a fans by only behaving and your opinion and how we come off a floor. You’re not only doing this for yourselves, you’re doing this for a community.”

A improvement was finished on Feb. 15. Suzanne Yoculan Leebern’s name was spelled incorrectly. The blunder is now fixed.

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