Cris Carter on Cam Newton: ‘He needs to win a Super Bowl opposite Tom Brady, that’ll change the perception’

January 5, 2018 - Finding Carter

– Let’s speak about Cam Newton’s reputation, if we will, and either or not a good diversion could change everyone’s notice of him. Is that– is that during all possible? How most would only a Panthers winning change it, let’s put it that way.

– No. One game, 0 possibility of changing a perception.

– What we consider about him now is a approach you’ll consider about him, either they win or lose?

– Zero chance.

– OK.

– In a wildcard round?

– Yeah.

– we mean, Cam Newton is a luminary in this league. Like, we design him to play well. So if he plays well, we’re not going to be like, wow, this is something new.

Cam has been in 6 playoff games. He’s got 3 wins. He’s on a good football team. And if Cam doesn’t play well, it’s not going to change his perspective– your notice of who he is as a quarterback. You know with Cam Newton on your group in Carolina, as prolonged as care– as Cam’s in Carolina, they will have a possibility to win a Super Bowl.

And we can't change perception. Maybe Nick Foles can, though he’s not personification in a wildcard game. Maybe Case Keenum could, since they don’t have a resume in a playoffs.

– Right.

– But when we have been a MVP of a league, when we have led your group to a Super Bowl, there are not questions about Cam Newton. Wow, can he win a playoff game? No, he’s already answered those questions. Wow, can he lead his group to a Super Bowl? Yes, Cam can do that.

Well, what if he doesn’t play well? Can he still get his group on a winning train or winning plane? Yes, Cam can do that. So no, not in a wildcard round. we don’t caring if he throws a turn 80%, like no turnovers. It’s not going to matter. You have to keep advancing.

Cam is bigger than only a wildcard round. And his career is bigger than only a win in a wildcard round. He needs to be means to get his group to a Super Bowl, and win a Super Bowl. Win a Super Bowl opposite Tom Brady, that would change a perception.

– That’s a ruin of a standard. It’s a ruin of a customary that–

– You asked me to question, didn’t you?

– And I’m responding to it, CC. It’s–

– It’s not a customary that he’s not going to change notice in a wildcard diversion when a guy’s played in 6 playoff games. He was a initial collect in a draft. What kind of customary should we have?

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