Dad’s Heartbreaking Plea Results in Lifetime Supply of Sippy Cups for Son with Autism

December 5, 2016 - Finding Carter

Courtesy of Marc Carter

Ben Carter unequivocally loves his Tommee Tippee cup. The 14-year-old of Devon, England, has autism and has exclusively drank from a crater given he was a toddler, to a indicate where he’s been hospitalized for dehydration for refusing to splash from anything else.

This acted a problem for Ben’s father Marc when he found out a crater had been discontinued.

“He would rather die,” Carter told PEOPLE in November. “They put him on a season in a hospital, though when he woke adult he would only slice it out of his arm. I’ve seen him do it before. He only won’t do it since he doesn’t caring enough. It is a corporeal duty to Ben — it is not a pleasure. It is quite a function.”

Carter perceived mixed offers from people around a universe who pronounced they had identical cups.

But he got a extremely improved offer final week, when a cup’s manufacturer suggested they’d sent staff in a U.S., Australia, France and Hong Kong on a hunt for a cup’s strange mold design.

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“Our bureau group detected that a collection to make a strange cups were still stored divided and, crucially, they were in a serviceable condition,” the association wrote in a matter on a website.

“We are gay to endorse that we are means to start prolongation on a run of a strange cup, ensuring that Ben has a lifetime supply and that his family won’t ever have to worry about anticipating another cup,” they wrote.

So a Carters are now a unapproachable recipients of 500 some-more Tommee Tippee cups. “You’ve been incredible,” Carter pronounced in a beholden video summary to a house and everybody who reached out.

“It’s extraordinary that so many people have replied — unequivocally sweet,” Carter told PEOPLE in November. “Everyone has been a bit down recently since of what’s going on in a world, so it’s only good to know there so many kind people out there.

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