Darron Lee, Jordan Jenkins and a Jets’ squeaky purify ‘Wonder’ boys

May 8, 2016 - Finding Carter

May 7, 2016

A demeanour during what’s function around a New York Jets:

1. Lucky 13: One of a themes that has emerged from Mike Maccagnan’s initial dual drafts is that he prefers intelligent football players with no off-the-field issues. He has picked a sum of 13 players, and not one has a famous red dwindle in his credentials — surprising in a stream NFL. This is a right proceed for a new regime. Once you’ve determined a locker-room culture, it becomes easier to play on a impression risk. For now, it creates clarity to fill a room with plain adults — and intelligent players.

Most of a stream breeze category posted above-average scores on a Wonderlic comprehension exam (max grade: 50). In fact, Jordan Jenkins (33) and Darron Lee (31) were among a tip for linebackers. (Joe Schobert, drafted by a Cleveland Browns, led with a 36.) we spoke to scouts from dual opposite teams, and they both described Jenkins and Lee as peculiarity individuals. Lee is mature and polished, that came by in his initial news discussion during a Jets’ facility. Jenkins is “a grand kid,” one NFC director told me.

Cornerback Juston Burris (27) and punter Lachlan Edwards (30) also scored high for their particular positions. Quarterback Christian Hackenberg (24) and far-reaching receiver Charone Peake (18) were average, and tackle Brandon Shell (17) was next average, formed on their positions.

2. Exception to a rule: By now, we substantially know a Jets attempted to trade adult for Laremy Tunsil, a tackle who fell to 13th given of a bong-smoking video that flush as a breeze started. Clearly, Maccagnan was peaceful to deviating from his goody-two-shoes truth for Tunsil, who was rated as one of a tip players on a Jets’ breeze board. A double standard? Here’s how we see it: Maccagnan was so assured in his prep work on Tunsil that, distinct some GMs, he didn’t weird out on saying a video. we know of one organisation in a tip 12 that did an about-face on Tunsil as shortly as a video done it to their breeze room.

Let’s be honest, though: Maccagnan didn’t try to trade adult for Tunsil as most as he attempted to take him. He suspicion he smelled a glow sale. He offering a New York Giants, picking 10th, a second-round collect to barter places in a initial round, according to a New York Daily News. That was a Ryan Fitzpatrick-type of offer, definition next a marketplace price, formed on a draft-trade breeze used by teams. He called other teams, too, anticipating no takers.

3. Always meditative big: Another two-year trend has grown with Maccagnan’s drafting: He’s not a small-school kind of GM, as 11 of a 13 picks came from a Power 5 conferences. The usually exceptions were seventh-round picks: Nose tackle Deon Simon (Northwestern State, 2015) and Edwards (Sam Houston State, 2016).

4. Attack on Hack: Wow, a analytics people are unequivocally down on Hackenberg. Football Outsiders, that baked adult a regulation that uses college stats to plan NFL performance, radically says Hackenberg will be a bust. It has a ranking complement called QBASE (Quarterback Adjusted Stats and Experience), and no quarterback in QBASE’s database (top-100 picks given 1996) has succeeded in a NFL with college stats identical to those of Hackenberg. Other top-100 picks who finished underneath 55 percent in a final college deteriorate were Brock Huard, Dave Ragone, Kyle Boller, Marques Tuiasosopo and Quincy Carter — all flops.

Like we pronounced during a draft, we consider a Jets reached for Hackenberg in a second round, though they looked past a numbers, relying on their scouting instincts. Time will tell if they’re right. If Hackenberg succeeds, he will be a statistical anomaly.

5. Hack vs. Geno vs. Bryce: In their clearly unconstrained hunt for a authorization quarterback, a Jets have amassed 3 high-profile former college passers. we asked ESPN breeze researcher Todd McShay to review Hackenberg, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty, formed on their breeze grades.

“I consider [Petty] has a reduce roof than Hackenberg,” McShay said. “Ultimately, Hackenberg, from a pro-style complement and his ability set, has a biggest upside of that group. But he’s a farthest divided in terms of correctness of those three.”

McShay pronounced Petty “had a best care and football impression of all those guys,” that we found interesting. Basically, a Jets have 3 players with opposite strengths and opposite weaknesses, and they have to wish one of them has adequate good things to develop.

6. Fitz-Hackenberg connections: If Fitzpatrick and Hackenberg finish adult in a same quarterback room, they will have dual common denominators — Bill O’Brien and Jordan Palmer.

Both quarterbacks played for O’Brien, Hackenberg in 2013 (Penn State), Fitzpatrick in 2014 (Houston Texans). Fitzpatrick told me final deteriorate he schooled some-more in one year underneath O’Brien than underneath any of his prior coaches. Fitzpatrick is tighten friends with former Cincinnati Bengals teammate Carson Palmer, a comparison hermit of Jordan Palmer, Hackenberg’s personal QB manager during a pre-draft process.

Small world, right?

7. Looking for a hybrid: Maccagnan pronounced in a radio talk a Jets looked into signing safety-turned-linebacker Mark Barron as a giveaway agent. That should’ve been an denote they were in a marketplace for a large safety/small linebacker, and they found it with Lee. Barron finished adult re-signing with a Los Angeles Rams.

8. Fountain of Youth: Maccagnan done it a indicate of mentioning that Lee and Hackenberg are comparatively immature for incoming rookies. He’s right. Of a 31 players drafted by AFC East teams, Hackenberg (21 years, 91 days) and Lee (21 years, 200 days) are a second- and third-youngest. The youngest is Miami Dolphins parsimonious finish Thomas Duarte (21 years, 38 days). What does it mean? I’m not sure. All we know is, Hackenberg and Duarte were innate when we was covering a Rich Kotite Jets, and that’s rather scary.

9. Keeping a light on: Todd Bowles pronounced he hasn’t close a doorway in re-signing linebacker Calvin Pace and/or cornerback Antonio Cromartie. Right now they have a larger need for Pace given of a unawareness during outward linebacker. The intelligent play: Evaluate a kids by a Jun minicamp, and maybe into a early of apportionment of training camp. If they’re struggling, serve a graybeard from a bullpen.

10. The final rookie camp? Bowles certified he deliberate a probability of cancelling on-field drills in preference of classroom work, a flourishing trend around a league. He motionless to hang to a normal minicamp given of Hackenberg.

“If we didn’t breeze a quarterback, we wasn’t going to have one, either,” he said, adding that rookie quarterbacks need a mental reps on a field.

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