Denver Broncos: Breaking Down Options during Free Safety in 2015

February 18, 2015 - Finding Carter

The Denver Broncos have to make tough decisions before a start of giveaway agency. They have several needs this offseason, and defensively they’ll be looking for players who fit a new 3-4 defense.

Last offseason, a Broncos worked diligently to urge their secondary. They initial combined clever haven T.J. Ward in giveaway group from a Cleveland Browns. Shortly after, they sealed free-agent cornerback Aqib Talib from a New England Patriots.

In further to appropriation those giveaway agents, a Broncos also comparison cornerback Bradley Roby out of Ohio State in a initial turn of a 2014 NFL draft. All 3 of these additions paid dividends for a Broncos in 2014.

This offseason, a Broncos could have an opening during a giveaway haven position. There will be copiousness of options for a Broncos, and they will need to inspect any choice closely.

What do a Broncos do during a giveaway haven position? Let’s take a look.


Broncos Free Agents

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The Broncos have 13 unlimited giveaway agents to cruise this offseason. The name to prominence here is Rahim Moore. Originally a second-round collect in a 2011 NFL draft, Moore has had his ups-and-downs with a Broncos.

Moore is remembered mostly for blank on a Jacoby Jones touchdown locate in a 2012 playoffs opposite a Baltimore Ravens. That play was a low indicate in his career, yet Moore worked tough to quarrel behind from that.

He played with improved certainty in 2013 yet was mislaid for about half a deteriorate with a singular reduce leg injury. Moore did a good pursuit again in 2014, finishing a deteriorate with 50 tackles and a career-high 4 interceptions.

Despite Moore’s production,’s Jeff Legwold expects a Broncos to let Moore walk in giveaway agency.

Quinton Carter is also set to be an unlimited giveaway representative when a new joining year starts. The Broncos combined Moore and Carter in a 2011 NFL draft, and both flashed upside early in their pro careers. Carter was means to start over Moore during their rookie season.

His career was set behind by a vital knee damage that compulsory microfracture surgery. Carter missed many of a subsequent dual seasons as he recovered from this injury. He returned to a margin for a Broncos in 2014, yet he was after mislaid for a deteriorate with another knee problem.

It competence be doubtful that we see possibly one of these safeties lapse to Denver in 2015.


Outside Free Agents


The dream unfolding for a Broncos would be to find a approach to pointer Devin McCourty divided from a New England Patriots. That idea seems like a siren dream. According to Jeff Howe, from a Boston Herald, a Patriots could use a authorization tag on McCourty if a dual sides can’t come to a new long-term agreement.

While adding McCourty has to be deliberate a longshot, maybe bringing behind Mike Adams would make some-more sense.

Undrafted out of Delaware in 2004, Adams spent time with a San Francisco 49ers and a Cleveland Browns before he landed with a Broncos in 2012. Adams spent dual seasons with a Broncos, and he valid that he was a team-first guy. The Broncos used him as a starter and as a haven player, and during both instances Adams never complained, he worked tough and did a good job.

The Broncos expelled Adams after a breeze in 2014. The Indianapolis Colts after picked him up, and he put adult career-best numbers—plus he was named as a Pro Bowl alternate. Adams was a starter during giveaway haven for a Colts, and he responded with a career-high 63 tackles.

Denver could pierce Adams back, and he would be teamed adult alongside T.J. Ward again. The dual were teammates with a Cleveland Browns in 2010 and 2011. Adams won’t come with a cost tab a distance of McCourty’s, yet during 33 years aged a Broncos competence select to supplement a immature haven by a draft.


2015 NFL Draft

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The Broncos competence demeanour to a breeze to fill their need during giveaway safety. There are 0 first-round giveaway safeties in this breeze class, according to However, a Broncos could find peculiarity talent in a second round.

Cody Prewitt, from Ole Miss, is a 61st-overall prospect and a top-ranked giveaway haven on His distance immediately stands out on film. Prewitt measures in during 6’2” 217 pounds and with his prolonged arms he can be asked to reroute receivers on certain plays.

Even yet he’s a incomparable safety, Prewitt has a expectation to mount out in coverage. we like his ability to get into correct position consistently as a defense’s core fielder. Prewitt is a intelligent actor who has good shutting detonate to a ball. His prolonged arms also assistance him trap ball-carriers in a open field, and he’s a sound tackler on film.

Prewitt does not have a quick-twitch ability to change instruction on a dime. Instead, he uses build adult speed in and out of his backpedal as a coverage player.

Another second-round awaiting a Broncos could cruise is Chris Hackett from TCU. Like Prewitt, Hackett has good distance during 6’2” 195 pounds.

Hackett fast understands what an offense is perplexing to do as a play breaks down in front of him. He doesn’t arrive during a ball-carrier with a thud, yet he is a high-effort tackler who can pierce his male down. Hackett is a playmaker in coverage, compiling 12 interceptions during his college career—including nabbing 7 picks in 2014.

His playmaking ability is both a certain and a negative. Hackett will get held peeking during a quarterback’s eyes in expectation of a pass. This creates him easy to pierce by savvy quarterbacks who use their eyes well.



The Broncos have mixed priorities this offseason. They need to find upgrades for a descent line, and anticipating a nose tackle for a invulnerability competence be a tip dual priorities.

Filling a blank during giveaway haven isn’t discussed that often, yet it’s another partial of a puzzle.

An choice for a Broncos is to foster players already on a roster. David Bruton has copiousness of starting knowledge even yet he’s essentially famous as a special teams standout. Another answer for a Broncos competence be to trifle around some corners to safety. Cornerbacks Omar Bolden and Kayvon Webster competence be asked to switch positions in 2015.

Finding a giveaway haven competence not get a headlines like a need during descent tackle or parsimonious end, yet it is an critical position a Broncos need to address.


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