Despite Rumors, Trading Michael Carter-Williams Would Be Tough for 76ers

October 16, 2014 - Finding Carter

Even yet Michael Carter-Williams is entrance off a deteriorate in that he won Rookie of a Year for a Philadelphia 76ers, his mark in a rebuilding organization’s destiny skeleton isn’t accurately secure. While he’s filled with upside and could rise into a star indicate ensure down a road, a Sixers are apparently perplexing to strike while a iron is hot. 

According to Grantland’s Zach Lowe, Philadelphia attempted to find a taker for Carter-Williams during a 2014 NBA draft, and ubiquitous manager Sam Hinkie competence good finish adult posterior that track during slightest one some-more time: 

They attempted tough during a draft, yet they couldn’t pull a trove they envisioned or pledge that a actor they wanted with an acquired collect would be there, per several joining sources. Expect Philly to repeat a exercise. It’s not a shot during Carter-Williams, or even a vigilance that a Sixers are failing to trade him. He competence good finish adult a long-term spoke in Philly.

The organisation knows indicate ensure is a many replaceable position in a joining today, and it will find out any understanding that adds to its stockpile of high-value breeze picks.

Whether a Sixers should understanding a reigning ROY is another emanate in and of itself, yet let’s assume they can continue stockpiling talent, operative toward destiny success and disavowing any idea of competing in a present. While it competence seem to some as yet trade Carter-Williams is same to dooming a authorization to a incessant rebuild, that doesn’t have to be a case. 

Hinkie is usually holding his plan to an extreme. Rather than attempting a discerning turnaround that gets Philadelphia into a playoffs as a low seed, he’s not settling for anything reduction than a organisation packed over with top-notch players, even if he’s potentially putting a fanbase by years of futility in sequence to get there. 

It’s risky, yet it could work. As Mike Sielski illuminated in a Jan mainstay for The Philadelphia Inquirer, a plan in Philadelphia is all about sharpened for those stars, both literally and metaphorically: 

Nevertheless, Hinkie stays assured that a Noel trade will infer a intelligent one. He’s peaceful to bank that a 19-year-old can redeem from knee medicine and rise into an chosen center. And if he doesn’t, well, in Hinkie’s mind, one unsuccessful breeze collect won’t destroy a franchise, generally one in a Sixers’ state, usually as they have zero to mislay by signing a array of John Does and saying either any of them competence spin out to be a newly earthed diamond.

‘Nerlens,’ Hinkie said, ‘is demonstrative of what we’re doing here,’ and that means holding chances on players who can turn superstars. It means ignoring a bunt pointer and overhanging for a blockade during each pitch.

Isn’t that what’s function here, too? Why settle for a reigning Rookie of a Year when we can potentially get even some-more by stealing him from a roster?

So again, let’s assume that trade Carter-Williams is an fitting strategy. Even if that’s a case, there’s one vital problem with a organisation attempting to find a new home for his measureless basketball talents, not all of that manifested themselves during his initial go-round in a Association. 


The organisation knows indicate ensure is a many replaceable position in a joining today,” Lowe wrote in that mention given in a entirety above. 

While that’s true, it doesn’t forestall many franchises from being confident with their starter during a 1. Point guards competence be replaceable due to a perfect abyss of talent during a league’s deepest position, yet how many organizations are indeed peaceful to give adult their stream starter? 

Carter-Williams checked in as a No. 18 indicate ensure in a joining final season, formed usually on his 2013-14 production. So while it doesn’t indispensably meant there are 17 building generals some-more profitable than him on a open market, it does give a ballpark guess for his value during a position. 

The subsequent step in anticipating a understanding revolves around isolating a teams that aren’t confident with their stream indicate ensure situation. By my count, there are nine. 

The Brooklyn Nets have a intensity All-Star regulating a uncover for them in Deron Williams, yet his agreement conditions is utterly problematic. He’s an albatross for a subsequent few years, preventing a Eastern Conference playoff contender from creation any large moves, and a Nets would roughly confidently burst during any event to mislay him from a books while removing behind a peculiarity package in return. The Minnesota Timberwolves competence be in a identical vessel with Ricky Rubio, simply since a dual sides have had difficulty entrance to terms on a agreement extension. 


Then we have a Dallas Mavericks, whose three-headed beast of Jameer Nelson, Devin Harris and Raymond Felton is a endurable choice when there’s so most talent surrounding it in a rotation. The Detroit Pistons and Brandon Jennings haven’t accurately been a compare done in heaven, and both a Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers could use a improved creator during indicate guard. Patrick Beverley and George Hill are high-quality defenders, yet they’re really one-dimensional players. 

Beyond that, a Los Angeles Lakers don’t have their indicate ensure of a destiny on a roster, as Jeremy Lin has singular upside and Steve Nash is on a margin of retirement. The Miami Heat would certainly adore to ascent from Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole, yet a classification has also been remarkably high on Shabazz Napier. 

Finally, there’s a New York Knicks, who have an underrated Jose Calderon regulating a indicate in a benefaction yet still need to find a successor apparent, preferably one with some star power. 

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Those 9 teams are a usually ones Philadelphia should worry contacting if Hinkie is truly sole on anticipating a trade. He’ll certainly do his due industry and strech out to a other organizations, anticipating opposite wish that one is peaceful to supplement a second high-quality indicate ensure and accommodate a plain seeking price, yet his best bets come from a aforementioned group. 

So a initial problem is a singular market, due essentially to a same abyss during a indicate ensure position that creates it easier to find replacements. However, a second emanate is even some-more troublesome. 

Which of those teams indeed has something tantalizing adequate to offer that they can examine a reigning Rookie of a Year from Philadelphia’s clutches, however lax a stream hold competence be? 

The Nets can offer adult Williams, counting on a Sixers regulating their loads of top space to catch his grievous contract. But what use would his new patrol have for an aging building ubiquitous with a outrageous agreement who mostly seems to be done of glass? By a time Philadelphia is prepared to compete, there’s no pledge Williams is anything some-more than a replacement-level indicate guard. 

In addition, there are no breeze picks to lure Hinkie with. Brooklyn already owes a 2016 and 2018 first-round picks to a Boston Celtics, and due to a Ted Stepien Rule, teams are taboo from trade destiny first-rounders in back-to-back years.

So, how most use would a Sixers have for a 2020 first-round pick? Probably tighten to none, and that’s a beginning one they could get from a Nets. 

The Knicks are in a same boat, as are a Lakers, Rockets, Heat and Timberwolves. Los Angeles could during slightest offer Houston’s stream first-round pick, yet it’s a lottery-protected one, and there isn’t most else to give up. You’re still looking during an beginning defenceless first-round collect of 2019 for a Lakers, 2018 for a Knicks and 2017 for a Rockets, Heat and Wolves. 

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Additionally, no member of that quintet has high-upside prospects it would be peaceful to partial with for Carter-Williams. Julius Randle has to be deliberate off a table, New York and Houston don’t have many high-upside yet unproven players and Minnesota usually intentionally acquired a brood of immature players to exam out during a possess rebuild. The Heat have a shoal register and can’t means to partial with any pivotal pieces.

Strike all 6 off a list of options, that has now dwindled to usually 3 teams—the Mavericks, Pistons and Pacers. Which of those teams can make a picturesque offer?

All 3 have devalued breeze picks since they’re going to be in a playoff hunt, so it all depends on what’s meant by “any understanding that adds to its stockpile of high-value breeze picks.” Something tells me that selections in a tail finish of a lottery aren’t going to cut it, nor will a collection of anything even after in a proceedings. 

Carter-Williams competence have warranted his prestigious endowment in partial due to a altogether miss of chosen rookies, yet he still displayed copiousness of guarantee while regulating a uncover in his initial year private from Syracuse. He has utterly a bit of value to a Sixers, and there’s no reason for them to partial ways unless there’s a mind-altering transport entrance behind in return. 

There’s already a singular series of teams that would uncover legitimate seductiveness in trade for Carter-Williams, and those that competence come job don’t have most to offer. Unless a Sixers dump their estimates of a indicate guard’s worth, we’re left with dual sides whose expectations and desires in a trade are fundamentally distant by a yawning chasm. 

As it stands, Philadelphia competence be means to take a collect from a preference of second-round picks, first-rounders that won’t be conveyed for during slightest 3 years and intermediate prospects who won’t do most to change a instruction of a authorization or during slightest accelerate a rebuild.

It’s not tough to see a problem here. 

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