Despite Struggles, McDaniels And Noel In High Standing Among Rookies

November 15, 2014 - Finding Carter

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Being a loyal Sixers fan and optimist is all about anticipating a signs of positivity in an differently dour situation. Last year that purpose was played by Michael Carter-Williams. As a group struggled their approach to a 19 win season, examination a Rookie of a Year debate from Carter-Williams supposing a clarity of hope.

This year’s chronicle of that resides in dual immature players. K.J. McDaniels and Nerlens Noel are doing their best to accept some courtesy among this difficulty of rookies and both players are doing comparatively good early in a season.

Noel is strictly in his second NBA season, though given he did not play final year, he is strictly regarded as a rookie. The word for Noel is really raw. It is transparent that he has not played orderly basketball in utterly some time.

With that said, a flashes are there. Noel has a collection to rise into a defensive brave and a incessant source of appetite for a Sixers.

Noel is now averaging 7 points per diversion to go along with 5.9 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game. The numbers are not flashy, but a moments where he shines are examples of because a Sixers done a understanding they did to get him.

He now leads all rookies in a NBA in blocks per game. He is also tip 10 in that difficulty among all players. His ability to change shots during a edge was his many good regarded ability and he is display that a ability is translating well.

Second to Noel on that list among rookies is McDaniels who is averaging 1.4 blocks per diversion personification a ensure position.

McDaniels impact has been rather of a warn deliberation that he was a second turn collect out of Clemson. He is proof to be a high-value collect taken that late.

The rookie out of Clemson is doing some-more than only swatting shots. McDaniels is averaging 8.6 points per diversion on a deteriorate and is sharpened 40% from over a arc.

He is proof to have a intensity to be a loyal “three and D,” player, someone who can space out a invulnerability on a descent finish and close down a team’s best fringe actor on defense. Think of a actor like Bruce Bowen in his prime. McDaniels could be that form of player, though with a lot some-more jaunty ability. He can furnish highlights like this.

Both players are now in a tip 5 in a NBA’s latest Rookie Ladder.

Noel ranks series 4 on a list while McDaniels comes in surprisingly during series 3.

The final outcome of a games competence be tough to watch currently, though a growth of these dual jaunty specimens is really something value gripping an eye on.

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