Did You Miss Misterwives’ Performance On MTV’s ‘Finding Carter?’ Then Watch …

April 29, 2015 - Finding Carter

If you’re a fan of Misterwives and “Finding Carter,” afterwards you’re carrying a best Tuesday night ever.

Not usually do a fivesome yield a thesis song, “Vagabond,” for a MTV show, though they seemed on tonight’s part as a low-pitched act during a county fair, and it was zero brief of amazing. Here’s proof.

The MTV Artists To Watch took a theatre on what looked like a unequivocally cold night behaving a few songs, including “Not Your Way” and a pretension lane off their latest album, Our Own House.

Misterwives supposing party to a throng of onlookers on a show, though that doesn’t meant that a play wasn’t front-and-center between a “Finding Carter” characters. After Crash decides to flow some ethanol into his friends’ drinks during a fair, they all have a good time enjoying a music, roving a rides and personification games — though things get a small on corner with Carter and Taylor who have a flattering heated impulse about their parents’ new split.

Luckily, a play was left for a cameras, as a rope and a expel snapped this pic while on set.

Our usually complaint? Misterwives didn’t perform their strange “Finding Carter” lane — but, luckily, they posted this progressing in a day.


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