District attorney: No rapist charges from comptroller’s review of Carter County Animal Shelter

December 13, 2017 - Finding Carter

“After going by a report, we don’t find any justification of rapist activity to pursue,” First Judicial District Attorney General Tony Clark said.

The comptroller’s bureau released a news final week, anticipating a income necessity of $9,516.

Clark pronounced a news creates transparent that a former executive of a preserve had distributed $6,682 to a Friends of a Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter since that classification had paid for veterinary services before to dogs and cats being rescued.

Clark pronounced a correct procession would have been for those supports to have been sent by a Carter County Trustee’s Office so a payment would have been scrupulously accounted. He pronounced there was a tiny volume of income that could not be accounted for.


The district profession ubiquitous pronounced a anticipating in a news that came closest to a crime were allegations that some people had incited their pets into a preserve to take advantage of giveaway or low-cost veterinarian services. Once during a shelter, a animals would accept services and inoculations during taxpayer expense, afterwards were readopted by their former owners.

Clark pronounced there could have been a box of fraud, though a assign would substantially have been a misconduct burglary over $100. Even that could not have been prosecuted in many cases, since a government of stipulations had expired, Clark said.

The comptroller’s review took about 18 months to finish after Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey requested it during a summer of 2016, when his bureau took approach control of a preserve during a sly epidemic.

Clark pronounced he met with investigators 4 or 5 times. He pronounced a review had a vast volume of papers to go over and a comptroller’s bureau was understaffed.

Although a comptroller’s news will outcome in no rapist charges, Humphrey is still questioning a preserve not usually in Tennessee, though in other states where a dogs and cats from a preserve might have been adopted.

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