Does ‘Finding Carter’ Couple David And Elizabeth Stand A Chance?

July 25, 2014 - Finding Carter

Carter Stevens competence have her issues, though let’s not forget — a residence around her is crumbling.

Since a premiere of “Finding Carter,” a uneasy teen’s biological parents, David and Elizabeth, have convincingly played a partial of happy integrate — she keeps a tighten watch on curfew, he offers jokes to cut by relocating times. But a law is, they’re entrance detached during a seams, and if Elizabeth’s latest admission is true, their matrimony is one review divided from over.

Though manners and sequence foreordain many of Elizabeth’s life, a military officer is totally riotous in a range of her possess marriage. Not usually is her event with Gabe’s father Kyle alive and well, she recently told her co-worker that she’s prepared to fly a coop. Add her cold, stoic appearance to a mix, and she’s positively done her grant to a wasting divided of her relationship.

Still, David’s not blameless. Elizabeth competence be unrelenting though apology, though during slightest she’s transparent about where she stands — David continues to assure Carter he’s got her best interests during heart though is underhandedly relocating along with a book plan that will feat her. Further, when he bought Taylor and Carter a new automobile though so most as a peek during his household’s bank statement, he valid he has positively no regard for a family’s welfare. And, not for nothing, he continues to be a empty on a family’s finances though adding a cent to a piggybank.

Honeymooners, they ain’t. So tell us what we think: Can Elizabeth and David work things out, or are they cursed as a couple?

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