East Stroudsburg church seeks proffer assistance for homeless

January 1, 2017 - Finding Carter

“A abnormal intervention”

That’s what a Rev. Carol Fernandez of The House of Prayer of a Living God in East Stroudsburg calls a confront that has led her and her church to comprehend how critical an emanate homelessness is in Monroe County and do something to help. 

Having volunteered with her father for years during a Good Shepherd Mission homelessness module in Paterson, N.J., Fernandez, a Bushkill resident, had usually finished selling during a East Stroudsburg KMart off Lincoln Avenue one day in November, shortly before Thanksgiving. 

“I was withdrawal when we happened to see a tent nearby,” she said. “I hadn’t designed on doing anything other than shopping, though unexpected we usually felt something constrained me to travel over to that tent.”

Fernandez approached, encountered a immature male named Danny, introduced herself and started a review with him. After training he was homeless and vital in a tent, she designed to revisit him again later, bringing some food and other items. 

When Fernandez returned on Thanksgiving, she during initial didn’t see Danny, though encountered another male named Norman. 

Nicknamed “The Mayor,” Norman watches over Danny and other homeless people vital nearby. Fernandez schooled Norman’s uncle further had been homeless during a time and was in Pocono Medical Center after losing both legs to gangrene. 

Fernandez afterwards saw Danny again and met his visibly profound partner vital with him. Fernandez schooled another homeless profound lady was vital in a woods nearby. 

“I thought, ‘This is no approach to have a baby,'” Fernandez said. 

So, she and her father talked to members of their church about what they could do to help. 

They contacted state Rep. Rosemary Brown and learned, by a Dec. 16 assembly with Brown and others, that Monroe County’s homeless need a 12-hour night preserve during a winter months. Also indispensable is a plcae providing dishes and regard Sundays and Tuesdays, now a usually days of a week when no such services are accessible by any internal churches, agencies or a Salvation Army. 

Fernandez’s church doesn’t have it’s possess building and can't yield space for a 12-hour night preserve or weekly warming location, though has motionless to offer dishes Sundays and Tuesdays for a homeless nearby a Lincoln Avenue selling piazza in East Stroudsburg. 

“Whether it’s us bringing a homeless to where we have a ceremony services or us going out to where their tents are, we’re portion them on those dual days of a week,” pronounced Fernandez. “On Christmas Day Sunday, we went into a woods and supposing dishes and a ceremony use for a folks there. It was beautiful. Some of them voiced seductiveness in entrance to a subsequent Sunday ceremony use on New Year’s Day. We devise to yield travel so they can attend.” 

Church member Margurita Carter pronounced a church wants to start “Covenant House,” a transitory housing module for homeless families and couples. 

“We generally need it for couples, who I’m told have a tough time being supposed into shelters,” Carter said. “Partners in a integrate are any other’s support system. If it’s loyal they’re being forced to separate adult since shelters don’t accept couples, afterwards that’s wrong.” 

Covenant House would yield a full-time proxy residence where a homeless can send and accept mail while looking for jobs, permanent housing and assistance with any earthy or mental health needs, Carter said. The plea is anticipating decent-paying jobs and employers peaceful to hire, sight or account training for a homeless, as good as anticipating psychiatrists to residence any mental health issues. 

Covenant House, a 12-hour winter night preserve and a weekly Sunday/Tuesday warming plcae would all be ideally located within a mile-and-a-half radius of a Veterans Memorial Bridge between East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg boroughs, pronounced overdo coordinator Mark Ruf of Street2Feet, a Stroudsburg group operative to assistance those reduction fortunate. Within this radius is where a infancy of a county’s homeless are strong and can travel everywhere, carrying no vehicles of their possess and being incompetent to means open transportation, Ruf said.

“We need someone who’s peaceful to present space and afterwards volunteers, generally men, who are peaceful to work in shifts and make certain no one causes problems for anyone else,” pronounced Fernandez. “Most importantly, we need people who don’t decider a homeless for being homeless, though instead inspire them to do improved for themselves since God wants improved for them. My father constantly told a homeless we worked with in Paterson, ‘Never be gentle with your situation. Get yourself out of it.” 

Those meddlesome in volunteering to assistance a church offer dishes Sundays and Tuesdays or donating income for garments and other equipment can hit a Rev. Carol Fernandez during 570-656-5767 or 570-588-0187. 

The House of Prayer of The Living God has 11 a.m. Sunday ceremony services in Suite 202 of a LTS building, 528 Seven Bridges Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Interested volunteers can attend a assembly scheduled there after a Sunday, Jan. 1, ceremony service.

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