EastEnders: Did Mick Carter conflict Lee Carter’s rivalry Oz?

January 4, 2017 - Finding Carter

After anticipating out how most difficulty his son was in, Danny Dyer’s impression motionless to take matters into his possess hands.

Still incompetent to pardon his eldest son, Mick was seen perfectionist Oz’s residence before withdrawal a pub.

While viewers didn’t see where Mick went, it didn’t take prolonged for viewers to theory what he did when a Queen Vic’s landlord came behind and was seen soaking blood off his hand.

When Aunt Babe asked if he was in trouble, Mick simply replied: “I’m perplexing to lift money that we haven’t got for Linda’s silent and I’m traffic with my forgive of a son’s aggravation.”

[undefined]EastEnders: Did Mick Carter conflict Oz?: Lee Carter was seen essay down Oz’s residence after Mick Carter asked him to [BBC]

“Mick is going to go all @MrDDyer on Oz. #EastEnders,” wrote one.

While another added: “Hell hath no ire like Mick Carter avenging his family @MrDDyer #EastEnders.”

“Yes Mick!!!!!! Oz’s address!! flog his a**e #EastEnders,” announced a third.

However, others were left unhappy with a soap’s preference to not uncover a rumpus between Mick and Oz.

“It’s a contrition that we indeed didn’t get to see Mick ‘iron him out’ in a end, it would have done good TV drama! #EastEnders,” one soap spectator commented.

“The initial possibility in ages we get to see Danny Dyer have a ruck #EastEnders don’t uncover no agg! #Mick,” came a response from another user.


[undefined]EastEnders: Did Mick Carter conflict Oz?: Mick didn’t exhibit where he was going, though fans speculated that he would be profitable a revisit to Oz [BBC]

[undefined]EastEnders: Did Mick Carter conflict Oz?: Mick was seen returning to a Vic where he cleared his palm that had blood on it [BBC]

[undefined]EastEnders: Did Mick Carter conflict Oz?: Mick hinted to Aunt Babe that he had sorted Oz out [BBC]

While fans wait to find out what accurately happened between Mick and Oz, Danny-Boy Hatchard has suggested what viewers can design from Lee over a subsequent few months.

Speaking to The Sun about how he wanted to give an honest description of depression, a actor said: “I wish to make certain it isn’t only something that happens and afterwards it all gets improved for Lee after that since that isn’t a reality.

“It’s about perplexing to find a healthy change since mental illness isn’t only something that goes away.

“And we consider that’s what a ubiquitous feeling is for Lee after that.”

Revealing that Lee will be seen perplexing to pierce on, a actor, who will be vacating a soap this year after 3 years, added: “He needs to find himself.

[undefined]EastEnders: Did Mick Carter conflict Oz?: Will Oz be ok? [BBC]

“He needs to find a healthy change so he can pierce brazen with his life and that will means certain things to happen.”

EastEnders continues on BBC One during 8pm.

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