EastEnders spoilers: Stuart to KILL hermit Halfway in Carter punish rampage?

August 8, 2018 - Finding Carter

Furious, Mick primarily wanted punish – though was stopped by Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) in a bid to cover adult a hazard and stop Tina anticipating out.

The family realised a highlight a note could means for her, so Mick motionless to ask her to join him on a mini-break to Southend with Linda in a bid to get out of Walford.

After Mick had whisked Tina out of a area, Halfway done a unfortunate phone call to his brother.

Halfway said: “Alright Stu? It’s me. Look, I’m disturbed about you. Why’d we do it, eh?

“Look, we know we ain’t all bad. You can speak to me. we adore you.”

The camera cut to Stuart rocking behind and onward in his prosaic while listening to a voicemail.

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