EastEnders’ Tina Carter leaves Stuart Highway for passed after opposed him over his sinister prank

July 17, 2018 - Finding Carter

EASTENDERS fans were left sad for café workman Tina final week when she suggested to ex-girlfriend Sonia Fowler that Stuart Highway had been obliged for locking her in a automobile and torturing her when she was younger.

As a week kicks off Tina’s nephew Mick – Danny Dyer – is disorder from anticipating out what happened to her.

 Tina attacks Stuart in an arriving episode
Tina attacks Stuart in an arriving episode

He’s left confused yet when Tina, played by Luisa Bradshaw-White, tells him that she doesn’t wish him to get punish and to only leave it.

When Stuart turns adult during a pub later, he plays a trusting and tries to assistance Mick find out who could have been obliged though a distracted Mick confronts him and a span come to blows.

Later Stuart – Walford visitor Ricky Champ – heads behind to a Square looking for Tina, revelation Kathy Beale and Keanu Taylor that she keyed his car. When he finds Tina in a launderette he tries to manipulate her again, vagrant her to tell everybody she got it wrong about a vicious prank.

As their sell gets heated, Stuart goads her about what happened and Tina screams during Stuart for ruining her life.

 Stuart denies carrying sealed her in a boot
Stuart denies carrying sealed her in a boot
 Tina wants to get her revenge
Tina wants to get her revenge

Stuart continues to breeze her adult causing Tina to lash out and vigourously conflict him, withdrawal his routine physique on a floor.

Tina is frightened during what she’s finished and turns to Mick and Linda for help. Shirley’s behind though before a Carters can fill her in on what’s left on, a military arrive and detain Tina.

Fans were left in tears when Tina pennyless down and told Sonia all a terrible sum of a vicious antic Stuart played on her.

In romantic scenes she told her former partner that she used to play a diversion with her hermit Mick, Stuart and his friends – called Torturer.

The diversion concerned them perplexing to find any other and when they did they would lift out an act of “torture” like a Chinese burn.

She said: “There is this one child who used to play called Stuart, he always used to take it serve like he was perplexing to mangle me, it was never only a game.

 She is arrested for her actions
She is arrested for her actions

“He used to contend to me ‘one day we will shock we so most we will wish we were dead’.”

When she was in her early twenties and had her daughter Zsa Zsa she removed going on a night out with her hermit and Stuart and their football mates.

She didn’t go home when Mick did and finished adult in a horrible situation.

“So we am in a foot of automobile an it’s going turn and turn in circles, spinning and there is this one lane that is personification over and over, it is on a loop.

“I am fibbing in a foot of car, we have mislaid half my garments and my arms and legs are tied up.

“There is gummy fasten around my face that is slicing into my cheeks we have ill in my mouth and it is creation me gag, though we couldn’t.”

Tina is shocked and thinks a automobile is on glow after she smells blazing though when a foot is non-stop she find a homeless male in front of her and realises it is only tires burning.

 The span have it out
The span have it out

She after goes home and finds a word slag created opposite her back.

Realising who was behind a vicious prank, she said: “Why didn’t we see? Last night in a bar a same lane came on, he asked for it and put it on. He was looking during me and he was smiling.

“He knew, we knew and he walked away. He was proof he could mangle me. It was him all along. It was him personification Torture.”

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