EastEnders viewers repelled as Shirley Carter brands Whitney a ‘parasite’ and ‘stinking mess’ after anticipating out about …

May 30, 2017 - Finding Carter

EASTENDERS fans were left shocked this dusk after Shirley Carter viciously branded Whitney a “parasite” and a “stinking mess” after anticipating out about her lick with Mick.

This led Whitney to accumulate all of her things and leave a Queen Vic this evening.

Shirley Carter viciously branded Whitney a bug and a stinking disaster this evening

Shirley Carter viciously branded Whitney a ‘parasite’ and a ‘stinking mess’ this evening

The heartless stage also saw Shirley squeeze Whitney by a collar and force her face into a mirror.

Viewers were repelled on Friday after Mick cheated on mother Linda by snogging Whitney.

During tonight’s episode, Shirley stormed into Whitney’s bedroom after anticipating out about a kiss, working with rage.

Shirley was working with fury after anticipating out about Whitney and Mick’s kiss

Whitney strike behind during Shirley and called her a dusty adult aged bag

Whitney strike behind during Shirley and called her a ‘dried adult aged bag’

She snapped: “You offend me, attack on Mick… we kissed him.”

When Whitney hesitantly certified that Mick had been a one to lick her, Shirley squabble out: “Linda and Mick took we in and treated we like we were their possess daughter, though that wasn’t good adequate for you, was it?

“Worming your approach into each dilemma and crevice, cosying adult to mick and you’re not going to stop until we destroy this family.”

Shirley afterwards shoved her onto a bed as Whitney told her to leave her alone. But when Shirley told her that she wanted her to leave, Whitney finished adult antagonising her.

Whitney told her: “You are a nasty lady – you’re a vindictive, dusty adult aged bag. we only can’t mount anyone else being happy.”


Shirley afterwards ups a nasty and said: “And we are a small tart, a bug that feeds off good group like Lee and Mick, unresolved around this family until Mick was during his lowest.”

But when Whitney suggested that they had kissed before, Shirley blew a compound and grabbed her by a collar, shoving her face into a mirror.

Shirley grabbed her collar and shoved Whitneys face into a mirror

Shirley grabbed her collar and shoved Whitney’s face into a mirror
EastEnders’ Mick Carter cheats on mother Linda with Whitney

Shirley snarled: “Take a good look! See what a stinking disaster we are and if Mick had a choice between we and Linda he would never select you. you’re not wanted here. Pack your things and yield behind into your gutter.”

Whitney eventually finished adult withdrawal and was seen on a tube.

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