Editorial: Consolidation fact-finding goal in really good hands

July 11, 2018 - Finding Carter

While a Upper Verde Valley’s efforts during reaching accord and educating a village on propagandize district converging were tormented by territory insurance and institutional bias, it’s lovely to see a no-nonsense proceed being employed by Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter to grasp a same goal.

Most notably, any singular communique Mr. Carter issues to those concerned in a converging transformation is finished around email and collectively sent to any propagandize district superintendent, a personality of a converging petition expostulate and internal media.

“Full clarity is a goal,” Carter pronounced in an email to all of a above progressing this week.

In a same email, Carter explained that he has a orthodox requirement to emanate an information poster surveying what exists now and what a outcome of a successful opinion will have in a future.

To do that, Carter is holding a counsel and routine proceed to collecting information, and he is giving a particular districts specific deadlines to yield that information. For example, a email he sent to all district superintendents this week requested they usually yield a five-paragraph “profile” of any district.

Also this week, Carter was scheduled Tuesday to residence a Valley Academy for Career and Technical Education School Board on a impacts a successful converging would have on VACTE. Again, it bears importance that this is an open open assembly and anything and all Carter says on a theme of converging is open record. Also of note, any Upper Verde propagandize district superintendent in a Verde Valley was invited to hear Carter’s display to a VACTE board.

It’s apparent that Mr. Carter is going above and over to strengthen himself and his bureau from a kind of claims listened during meetings of a now-defunct Consolidation Advisory Committee. In those meetings, some were discerning to put difference into Mr. Carter’s mouth that he denied ever saying. Now that converging is strictly on a ballot, everybody should be on notice that anything he says or writes about converging is a open record. Nothing is private.

Additionally, Carter is holding stairs to safeguard any aspect of this converging choosing is totally transparent. As he sensitive area propagandize superintendents this week, “All emails requesting choosing information from we will come by me. we will lane them from ask to acquiescence and will reason them in a apart folder. Deputy County Attorney Joy Biedermann, who represents a office, will be copied on all requests … Just a word of notice, all emails regarding to this topic, are totally theme to open annals law, to that a bureau will entirely comply. In fact, emails that we will send to we requesting information, will be sent to a personality of a petition expostulate and a media as well.”

There might be some who contend that all Mr. Carter is doing now is zero some-more than a duplication of a work finished over a past year by a Consolidation Advisory Committee. There is some law in that, though while a internal converging cabinet did a fact-finding in a rarely charged romantic and politicized process, Carter is doing a same thing in a totally design and non-politicized process.

At prolonged last, this emanate of propagandize district converging is in good hands.

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