Edward Hunt Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft 4.0: Finding linebackers for a future

April 5, 2018 - Finding Carter

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be drafting this month and it’s time to start violation down their intensity picks in a 2018 NFL Draft.

Round 1, Pick 28: Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State

The Steelers have been looking during Vander Esch and now they are reportedly carrying him for a pre-draft visit. He was a star of a mix and an inside linebacker with a lot of upside. If a Steelers collect him, he would substantially start out on special teams and would afterwards have to work himself into a starters role. He would substantially afterwards be a subsequent to take over a mack linebacker position for a Steelers.

Round 2, Pick 28: Lorenzo Carter, OLB, Georgia

I know Steeler fans don’t wish another outward linebacker from Georgia after a Jarvis Jones flop, though we would strongly cruise this collect in a second round. Lorenzo Carter was rarely recruited out of high propagandize and a reason they can get him in a second turn is that he never incited a dilemma during Georgia. On a other hand, a Steelers would like to rise another outward linebacker as there is no pledge that a Steelers will collect adult Bud Dupree’s option.

Round 3, Pick 28: Terrell Edmunds, S, Virginia Tech

You have to consider a Steelers would take a demeanour during Terrell Edmunds with his NFL bloodlines. His hermit is potentially a tip 10 collect in this draft. Edmunds has both a distance and acceleration that teams wish on their team. You have to consider he will be means to start his career covering kicks on special teams. Maybe afterwards he can rise into a Steelers giveaway reserve if they are not happy with Sean Davis.

Round 5, Pick 11: Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa State

This collect can be used to find a deputy for Martavis Bryant after this year. Lazard might not have a upside that Martavis Bryant has, though Lazard is still a matchup calamity during 6’5. He can win contested round and that is something Ben Roethlisberger will like. we see Lazard starting a year on a dead list and afterwards maybe operative himself into a actor in a receiver revolution once he develops his track running. The Steelers will also like his speed that will assistance him benefit separation. Lazard also returned punts during Iowa State so that is an option.

Round 5, Pick 28: Kallen Ballage, RB, Arizona State

The Steelers can wait to get a writer in a backfield. Although he might not start right away, we could see him operative into a revolution if Bell leaves. we consider Bell will substantially play his final year on a Franchise Tag and afterwards he will pierce on to another team. we don’t see how a Steelers could compensate a using behind with as many step as he has on him, 17 million a year. That is Antonio Brown income that he wants and we don’t know a Steelers to be a form of group to get strong-armed into overpaying for a player.

Round 7, Pick 2: Coleman Shelton, C, Washington

This collect will be a successor to a Chris Hubbard role. Shelton will substantially be means to start out as an dead who can play a interior positions and afterwards he could substantially work himself into a purpose as a tackle as well. The Steelers like flexibility in their backups on a descent line and that is accurately what Shelton gives you. He substantially will have to make the team as an puncture center, though if he gets cut, we can gamble a Steelers will keep him on a use squad.

Round 7, Pick 28: P.J. Hall, NT, Sam Houston State

Hall is a tiny propagandize actor though he has a tiny bit of upside. The Steelers could breeze him and have him contest with Dan McCullers for a final mark on a defensive line. If he plays like a tiny propagandize player, he can be cut easily.

The Steelers have copiousness of options and tiny holes to fill in a draft. With 7 picks and a installed class, anticipating talent for now and a destiny is pivotal to their enlarged success. Something this group has finished improved than many via time.

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