‘Finding Carter’ 2B: Carter’s Getting ‘Steamy’ With Jackson Rathbone’s Jared

September 25, 2015 - Finding Carter

‘Finding Carter’ is about to get hot, hot, hot. With Jackson Rathbone fasten a expel this season, a EP previews his risqué role — and a flattering crazy tip that Carter keeps from his character.

Sorry Crash fans, it looks like Carter has her eyes on someone else — and he’s most older. Finding Carter executive producer Emily Whitesell just chatted with HollywoodLife.com to preview a “steamy” intrigue that’s entrance between Carter (Kathryn Prescott) and the new man in town, Jared (Jackson Rathbone).

“Carters adore life is gonna get unequivocally difficult this season. She’s been in adore with Crash (Caleb Ruminer), though he’s going off to live his possess life and she’s perplexing to find her possess and pulling herself ahead, in terms of who she is and what she wants,” Emily explained forward of a Oct. 6 lapse of Finding Carter.

With that, Carter and Crash confirm to go on a mangle and she heads to work during a bar. Part of anticipating out who she is includes descending for a bar owner, Jared.

He’s older, sexy, and he has good recommendation — he is a man who has finished accurately what she’s looking for: he’s figured out who he is, and he owns this illusory bar and it’s such a fun for her to be there each day,” Emily explained to us about Jackson’s character. “She feels unequivocally free, like she’s unequivocally flourishing up, and he’s a BIG partial of that.”

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‘There’s A Big Glitch’ Coming

As for their relationship, Carter doesn’t tell Jared that she’s not even 18 year, while he’s 25. “When he finds that out, there’s large glitch for a moment,” Emily says. “But they find their approach around it.”

Naturally we had to know what we could design from their romance. “It’ll be steamy — we don’t have Jackson Rathbone and not get steamy.” As if we weren’t vehement adequate already. Season 2B starts on MTV on Oct. 6 during 10 p.m. ET. Are we into a new romance?

— Emily Longeretta

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