‘Finding Carter’ 411: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ben Wallace

September 21, 2015 - Finding Carter

Ladies and gentlemen, accommodate Ben Wallace.

The puzzling teen done an bomb opening on the mid-season finale of “Finding Carter” in June: Taking a mount during Lori’s long-awaited trial, he introduced himself to a packaged building as a son of Ms. Stevens and — wait for it — David.

In loyal cliffhanger fashion, a part finished right after Ben’s bombshell revelation, definition we had no other inside comprehension on him. Until now, that is: To assistance prepared for “Finding Carter”’s lapse on Oct 6, actor Ben Winchell — a immature male behind Carter’s newfound kin — is giving us an inside demeanour into his impression and charity 5 things we absolutely, definitely need to know about Ben Wallace.

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“Ben has had a small bit of a uneasy past,” a 21-year-old reveals in a shave below. “He’s been in and out of encourage homes his whole life.”

That’s not all: Winchell even delves into Ben’s stream state of affairs, suggesting that a teen’s extra-curricular activities will move copiousness of play to a new episodes of “FC.”

“Ben creates income unequivocally creatively, and his untrustworthy deals might or might not explode on him this season,” he says. And, maybe many tellingly, he adds, “You never unequivocally know what his loyal intentions are, so he’s always going to keep we guessing.”

What else does Winchell exhibit about Ben? Watch a whole shave to find out, and get prepared for a lapse of “Finding Carter” on Tuesday, Oct 6 during 10/9c!

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