‘Finding Carter’ and ‘Skins’ Star Kathryn Prescott Doesn’t Want to Play a …

April 2, 2015 - Finding Carter

Kathryn Prescott hasn’t been 16 years aged for some-more than six
years yet a English singer has been personification one given 2009 when she first
appeared on a renouned U.K. series, Skins.

As Emily Fitch, Prescott played one-half of a set of high
school twins with her real-life twin sister, Megan. The dual assimilated a series
when Skins transposed a initial era of characters with a new cast
of relations unknowns. Prescott — Kathryn that is — done her symbol as a
closeted lesbian who found herself in a difficult intrigue with Naomi Campbell
(Lily Loveless).

While her time on Skins was singular to dual seasons before she, like a expel before her, was replaced, Emily Fitch stays a fan favorite until this day. In a years since, a 23-year-old singer has solemnly changed over Emily with a series of guest spots on U.K. shows before relocating stateside to star in MTV’s Finding Carter.

NEWS: Watch a Hottest Scene from Season 1 of ‘Finding Carter’

The uncover — about a lady who learns that a lady she suspicion was her biological mom is indeed her abductor — finds Prescott once again personification a teen — though, as she puts it, with distant some-more maturity. “I don’t feel like Carter is a standard 17-year-old girl,” Prescott tells ETonline. “It doesn’t feel like we constantly have to reason things behind given I’m personification a teenager.” 

As she’s gotten older, Prescott’s viewpoint of personification a teen has evolved. “With Skins — we theory given we was indeed closer to a age myself during that time — it felt reduction like we was personification younger,” she says. “Now, given I’m older, we am some-more wakeful of a fact that we’re personification younger people. At a same time, a things that Carter goes by is such huge, life-changing events that they kind of force we to grow adult faster.” 

Given that this is her biggest purpose given Skins (MTV unsuccessful to successfully reconstitute a skill for an American audience), Prescott doesn’t have any perplexity about still being in high propagandize — so prolonged as Carter continues to be a complex, engaging character. “I would worry about it some-more if she wasn’t as well-written as good as she is,” Prescott says, adding: “I wish that doesn’t meant I’m stranded in a teenage world, yet we don’t feel like it. It’s fun for now.”

Prescott might find fitness evading high propagandize on a large screen. Since relocating to a U.S., a singer admits that’s a usually middle she’s auditioned for. “I would wish to do a thriller, only something a bit dim yet not a fear movie,” she says, “or only a straight-up play about family relationships.” Just as prolonged as she’s not a promenade queen.

“Hopefully we won’t be 35 still personification a 16-year-old.”

Finding Carter earnings with deteriorate dual on Tuesday, Mar 31 during 10 p.m. on MTV.


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