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July 18, 2014 - Finding Carter

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Finding Carter
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The play continues on a newest part of “Finding Carter” with some lady on lady fighting, a probable adore tie between Taylor and Max, and an entrance from a barbarous refugee Lori Stevens.

But first, we have to summation final week’s part and locate we adult on all a drama.

Episode 3, entitled “Drive”, kicked off with a large blue-eyed, blonde-haired bad child who Carter bumps into during a military station. What was he doing there? Oh, usually removing arrested.

With a hang record and a bent to get into trouble, Carter is immediately drawn to him. Of march we see this bad child again after in a part and we learn his name is Crash, usually your accessible area drug dealer.

Carter once again finds a approach to piss off her mom and invites Crash over to a house, where he of march can’t keep his rapist function during bay.

Crash gets kicked out of a residence by Carter’s biological father David (who saw that coming?), though not before Carter can stir adult some some-more difficulty before he goes. Elizabeth forbids her to ever see him again and Carter responds by giving him a full on make out event right in front of her!

Is anyone else as ticked off during Carter as we am about that kiss? we know Elizabeth can be a small intense, though Carter competence have usually crossed a line there.

Well of march Carter ends adult bumping into Crash again, though she learns that she might be in over her conduct with him. After journey from a cops in a stolen car, Carter finally creates a good preference and decides Crash is not a form of chairman she should approximate herself with. Way to go Carter!

Carter calls David to collect her up, and a prolonged mislaid daughter and father share their initial cuddle ever. But stealing in a cat-like black vehicle and examination their fastening impulse is Carter’s “other mom” Lori Stevens- and she is not too happy about their daddy-daughter fastening time.

We adore that Carter and David are finally building a relationship, though what will occur when she finds out about his half-a-million-dollar book understanding about her abduction? Only time will tell folks.

Episode 4, “Now You See Me”, will move usually some-more play to a table. But this time a play will be between Carter and her new BFF Bird. Cue a cat fight!

It’s still misleading as to what a girls are fighting over, though we’re meditative it might have something to do with Carter’s refugee mom Lori Stevens. Bird and a guys have been doing a bit of questioning on their own; do we consider Birdy would spin her mom over to a police?

Or maybe a girls are fighting over bad child Crash. Carter looked flattering dissapoint when she jumped out of his fleeing, stolen automobile. Maybe she incited him over to a military and Bird is fortifying her dear aged drug-dealing friend.

Whatever a reason might be, we can’t wait to watch a play unfold! Oh yea, did we discuss Lori Stevens will be creation an entrance in part 4? She marks down Max and we’re presumption she has questions about Carter’s new life.

Stay tuned for subsequent week’s summation and balance into “Finding Carter” on MTV, that front Tuesdays during 10pm.


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