‘Finding Carter’ Finale Shocker: What The Twist Means For The Future

June 29, 2015 - Finding Carter

Before ‘Finding Carter’ wrapped for hiatus, we were left with a large shocker regarding, well, we know. Obviously we have to consternation what it means going forward. We’ve got deteriorate dual spoilers!

Spoilers ahead! On a Jun 16 mid-season culmination of Finding Carter, we were introduced to Ben, who blew a minds by claiming to be a son of Lori Stevens (Milena Govich) and David Wilson (Alexis Denisof). We know, insanity. While we have to wait a while for a array to lapse to MTV with new episodes, we don’t have to wait utterly that prolonged for some spoilers! Particularly, how Ben’s new participation competence impact David and his marriage, and because a law has come out now!

It was a paternity shocker listened ’round a world. Well, our universe anyway. While we continue to fastener with what Lori and David’s purported son will meant for a second deteriorate of a series, we have a ton of questions. For starters, did Lori know who Ben’s father was? And because did a law finally come out?

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“These questions will be answered really early on in a subsequent method of episodes,” array executive writer Emily Whitesell told a sister site TV Line. “But [Ben] didn’t know. He was subpoenad. They’d been looking for him for a really prolonged time, and Lori will explain she’d been looking for him for years, so he’ll have his possess resentments about everything.”

Emily elaborated that Ben won’t be a usually one with tough feelings about a whole situation. Specifically, David’s wife, Elizabeth (Cynthia Watros) will understanding with some rancour of her own. “Elizabeth knows what to be understanding about and what not to be; we’re not going to rehash a ‘Oh, we slept with her’ thing,” pronounced Emily. “We’ve played that out extensively. But she’ll have feelings about what he should do, and we’ll see she’s distressing of certain things, though we don’t consider we’re going to play anymore ‘How could we have finished this?’ stuff.”

What did we guys consider of a culmination of Finding Carter? How ’bout that Ben shocker?

— Casey Mink