‘Finding Carter’ First Look: Lori Insists She’s ‘Not The Bad Guy Here’

February 26, 2015 - Finding Carter

Get to your posts, circuitously area watches: Season 2 of “Finding Carter” looms, and Lori’s still during large.

The show, that follows Carter Stevens on a teen’s explanation that she was abducted as a child and lifted by a lady who wasn’t her mother, will lapse with mint episodes in a few brief weeks. And in a preview of what’s to come below, it’s really transparent there’s still copiousness we don’t know.

On a Season 1 finale, Lori had managed to drug and kidnap Carter once again, and now, she’s desperately pleading her case. “I am not a bad man here,” she insists to her serf in a video, nonetheless Carter’s twin sister Taylor isn’t so assured that her sibling’s in a clear. “You don’t consider she would harm Carter, do you?” she asks Max, who appears to finally be out of a sanatorium after removing shot by Carter’s beloved Crash.

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(Also, discerning digression: Could it be? Are Taylor and Max behind together?!)

And, nonetheless we didn’t consider it was possible, there are secrets nonetheless to be unearthed in a area of David and Elizabeth‘s matrimony — what else could presumably come to light? Tell us what we wish to see from “Finding Carter” Season 2, and hang parsimonious for new episodes starting Mar 31 during 10/9c!

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