‘Finding Carter’: Meet Kathryn Prescott, Teen TV’s New It-Girl

July 10, 2014 - Finding Carter

Kathryn Prescott is summer’s newest star. On Jul 8, ‘Finding Carter’ premiered on MTV, and it competence only be a subsequent large thing. Read on to find out all we need to know about TV’s new it-girl.

Finding Carter follows a teenage lady who finds out that she’s been vital her whole life with her feign mom — a lady who abducted her when she was a toddler. The array is dim and dramatic, and we can't get adequate of a actress, 23, who plays Carter Stevens. Read on to meet Kathryn Prescott!

‘Finding Carter’: Meet Kathryn Prescott

The English singer stars in MTV’s newest drama, Finding Carterwhich centers on Carter, who found out that a life she has been vital was a distortion — she was abducted when she was a toddler.

Kathryn auditioned for a purpose of Carter Stevens, while she was in England and had 3 auditions before she was told that she landed a role.

Kathryn Prescott: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Finding Carter’ Star

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1. Kathryn is British. Kathryn was innate in Southgate, London, England. The 23-year-old singer spent dual or 3 years training on and off with a voice coach in England to ideal an American accent, reports Just Jared Jr. At a same time, she trafficked between England and a United States to go on auditions.

2. Kathryn has a twin only like her character. Kathryn is a twin! She is 6 mins comparison than her sister Megan Prescott. In Jul 2008, Kathryn and her sister done their behaving debuts on a soap opera Doctors and played twin sisters Amy and Charlotte Wilcox.

3. Kathryn was on a UK chronicle of Skins. Kathryn is best famous for her impression Emily Finch in a British TV show Skins, that chronicles a organisation of British teenagers who were hardcore partiers. Kathryn seemed in a second array of a show. Kathryn’s impression became a fan favorite since of her attribute with partner Naomi (Lily Loveless) and her sister Katie, played by her real-life twin sister.

4. Kathryn is into photography. In further to her behaving career, Kathryn is a photographer, as settled on her website. In Sep 2013, Kathryn’s photos were on arrangement at The Fields Crypt Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London in an vaunt patrician “What Makes Us Care?” She photographed fellow Skins costars as good as stars from The Borgias, Glee and Waterloo Road to move recognition to London’s flourishing homeless population.

5. Kathryn appeared on a CW’s Reign. In further to her purpose in Skins, Kathryn had a recurring role on a initial deteriorate of a CW’s ReignKathryn played Penelope, a kitchen menial who found a bean in her cut of cake and became black for a day. She initial seemed in a part patrician “Monsters.”

HollywoodLifers, do we think Kathryn Prescott has star power? Are we tuning into Finding Carter? Let us know!

– Stephanie Bray 

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