Finding Carter (MTV) Episode 6 “The Fugitive”

August 6, 2014 - Finding Carter

Finding Carter Cast

Finding Carter Episode 6 “The Fugitive” front Tuesday, Aug 5th during 10/9c on MTV.

Episode Synopsis: Finding Carter (MTV) Episode 6 “The Fugitive” – Carter admits to carrying feelings for Crash; Crash skeleton to skip bail to equivocate jail time.

Show Summary:Finding Carter” is a new radical family play that centers on Carter, a teenage lady who thinks she has a ideal life until one night after a military bust during a high propagandize celebration she is told that a lady who she believes to be her biological mom indeed abducted her as a toddler. Now Carter contingency lapse to a family who suspicion they had mislaid her. As she navigates mint parents, a twin sister, high propagandize and boys, Carter vows to find Lori before a military constraint a usually mom she’s ever famous and put her behind bars.

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