‘Finding Carter’ Poll: Can Carter And Her Biological Mother Get Along?

July 11, 2014 - Finding Carter

Discovering that your mom isn’t unequivocally your mom is bad enough, though realizing that your biological mom is a humorless, determining ice queen? Yikes.

Tonight’s “Finding Carter” two-hour premiere left us disorder from not usually a fact that a life Carter had come to know and adore was pulled right out from underneath her feet, though her new, loyal relatives aren’t accurately a cat’s pajamas. The teen’s dad David seems hellbent on exploiting his daughter’s abduction to make a discerning buck, and her mom Elizabeth is some-more endangered with capturing Carter’s abductor than warming adult to her possess child.


While Carter appears to get along sincerely good with many of her new family (when she’s not bustling kissing her sister Taylor‘s longtime crush), she and Elizabeth are like a mother-daughter chronicle of Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus — it’s a everlasting feud.

The military officer and mom-on-a-mission is dynamic to keep her long-lost-but-now-found daughter underneath close and key: She has her followed, marks her calls, monitors her friends, looks by her private things and even lies to Carter’s face. Naturally, Carter reacts by revolting – stealing a car, boozing it adult with her twin sister, melancholy to run away, blank family therapy sessions and more.

Yeah, we was kidnapped. Let’s party!

Elizabeth, who can hardly complete a L-word to any of her family members, is kinda-sorta perplexing to make it work with Carter — when she’s not rapt with revelation her what to wear to school. But does that meant they can put their differences aside and only get along? And sure, Carter hasn’t run divided — nonetheless — so maybe she wants to be nearby her birth mother. Nevertheless, Elizabeth is unrelenting on sport down Carter’s abductor, a one lady Carter truly feels is her mom (despite a Gummy Bear dinners).

Can Carter and her biological mom pierce past their issues before it’s too late? Cast your opinion below, and locate an all-new part of “Finding Carter” subsequent Monday during 10/9c.

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