‘Finding Carter’ Poll: Can Elizabeth And David’s Marriage Be Salvaged After All?

August 19, 2014 - Finding Carter

Marriage is tough work as it is, though chuck in an event (a la Elizabeth) and a liar (that would be Elizabeth and David), and you’ve got a not-so-romantical recipe for disaster.

Shortly after a “Finding Carter” premiere, a whopping 79% of you pronounced that David and Elizabeth didn’t mount a chance, especially due to a military officer’s ongoing assignation with her voluptuous colleague Kyle. But according to a clearly intolerable mid-season trailer (infidelity confessions! tears! blood! gunfire! ZOMG!), Elizabeth will “do anything” to make things right in her marriage. “ANYTHING?” David replied. (Our thoughts exactly, Mr. Wilson!)


Not to mention, after last week’s episode, Elizabeth seemed to see David in a whole new light after he unequivocally stuck it to Lori during an antipathetic phone call. The convo finished with David carrying a final word — take THAT, Lori, in all your dumb-disguise glory! — and an astonishing prohibited ‘n complicated bus with his wifey. It appears that David is no longer a poverty-stricken crook (Gammy’s words, not ours) in Mama Wilson’s eyes, and she doesn’t even know about a tip book understanding yet.

Could this meant a Wilsons are on a verge of descending behind in love? Or is all wish already mislaid for a couple? Cast your vote, and locate an all-new part of “Finding Carter” tomorrow during 10/9c!

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