‘Finding Carter’ Poll: Should Max Have Ended His Relationship With Taylor?

September 18, 2014 - Finding Carter

It was frightfully misleading either Max would make it after his shooting during a hands of Carter‘s uneasy beloved Crash. But when a “Finding Carter” favorite finally non-stop his eyes, those closest to him (and us viewers) all breathed a extensive whine of relief. Sure, a good guy’s highway to liberation was distant from over, though he had a definite support of a Wilsons — and his ladylove Taylor.


But on a season finale, when Max was means to promulgate for a initial time given his horrific ordeal, he was understandably murky as good as uncertain of how he would physically and psychologically recover. To cope, he done jokes about losing his pursuit during a mini-mart since of a “mess he made” and lamented that he was bringing down a mood of a room — though it was transparent that he was in a murky state, and zero would make him feel confident about what a destiny would hold. Taylor did her best to hearten him up, to no avail.

“I’m sorry, though I’m insane during me,” Max said. “I’m not removing that I’ve been shot, and I’m here. And we keep waking adult each morning meditative that we can go do whatever we routinely wish to do, though we can’t.”


Taylor continued to offer her help, though Max refused it — instead, he wanted Elizabeth to uncover him a fasten from shooting. When a military officer wouldn’t oblige, Max again snapped during Taylor. His mood worsened when Taylor told him that she was holding a leave of deficiency from propagandize to caring for him. In response, he demanded that she leave — and “stay gone.”

Max apologized for his function when Taylor returned though announced that he wanted to finish their relationship. She pleaded with him to change his mind, though Max explained that he indispensable to go behind home — and pronounced she shouldn’t give adult so most of her life only for him.


“We both have to get to work to removing a lives behind together,” he tearfully said. And with that, Maylor was over.

Max satisfied that he can’t get improved in his stream sourroundings and needs to lapse home to recuperate; it’s also transparent that he wants to set Taylor giveaway from a play surrounding his dire experience. But Taylor is display a singular commitment: she’s peaceful to hang by his side — by thick and skinny — and do whatever she can to assistance him. So should Max have stayed with Taylor and supposed her umbrella adore and assistance? Or was he right to mangle adult with her and concede both of them to pierce on? Take a check and share your opinions below.

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