‘Finding Carter’ Poll: Should Taylor Apologize To Her Sister?

September 8, 2014 - Finding Carter

Siblings are famous to contend things to one another that they don’t unequivocally meant — specifically, a hurtful criticism spewed in a impulse of rage. Typically, an reparation follows in due time and all is lost — until a subsequent disagreement. But we’re not so certain that can be pronounced for a Wilson girls — aka Carter and her sister Taylor — after their exhilarated exchange.

Shortly after everyone’s favorite good man Max was shot by Crash on final week’s “Finding Carterepisode, an understandably distraught and bloodied Carter met her family — including her sister — during a hospital. Doctors shortly announced that they’d know some-more about Max’s condition following surgery, causing T to lash out during a excitable Carter — and not usually rebuke her for seeking comfort from their birth mom Elizabeth, though also censure her twin for a whole offensive ordeal.


“I don’t know what’s worse — we being abducted or we entrance behind here,” Taylor coldly told Carter. “All you’ve finished is harm me and harm a family.” But she saved a toughest and harshest blow for last, withdrawal Carter uncontrollably sobbing:

It’s positively loyal that Carter has put her desired ones by a satisfactory share of suspense and worry, so it’s distinct that a not-so-innocent Taylor finally blew her stack. But Carter didn’t lift that gun’s trigger, and we’re certain she’d never wish her aged crony Max to come in harm’s way. So was Taylor totally off-base, and does she owe Carter an apology? Or were her statements totally justified? Take a poll, sound off in a comments and be certain to locate a new part of “Finding Carter” on Tuesday during 10/9c.

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